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Happy Birthday, Uncle (2011)

Dennis Severs, my uncle, was born on this day in 1948.  He passed away in 1999, and his restored Georgian home in Spitalfields is now a private museum.   I occasionally post photos and stories from my visits to 18 Folgate Street, especially on special days like this one.  Here are some favorites images.  The black and white portrait is my uncle’s high school senior picture, taken the same year he moved to London from Escondido, California.  The others are from the mid-90s.  Most of the photographs of the house were taken in 1997.  A few of them were later used in the book that he spent years writing and re-writing.  It was published after his death by Chatto & Windus, with the softcover version done by Vintage.  Happy birthday, Dennis.  You are missed.  (And so are your parties.)

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