The End of EastEnders


EastEnders is being discontinued on KTEH, the San Jose PBS station.  This is very bad news for many Bay Area viewers.  I’ve only been able to watch KTEH since I got my digital converter box.  I’ve come to rely on my biweekly visits to Albert Square, although I’m not as devastated as this fellow commenting at the KTEH website: “This is one of the biggest disappointments that I’ve ever experienced in my television viewing life.”

KTEH says they’re cancelling EastEnders because it’s one of their most expensive programs and it has the least number of viewers.  I’m not sure how they’re counting viewers, but they claim that the show has lost half its audience in the last year.  Sounds to me like they simply can’t track DVR style viewing.  Plenty of folks are protesting the cancellation, but I can’t complain because I’m guilty of not being a member of KTEH.  (Can’t afford it right now.)

There are places online that  Bay Area viewers can watch current episodes of EastEnders, but here’s the problem:  KTEH viewers are SEVEN YEARS behind the UK’s broadcast.   How are we going to catch up?  We won’t recognize the new characters, and we will wonder what happened to our beloved characters who are gone.  Yes, the BBC has an archive on their EastEnders webpage where you can read a description of every episode for the last seven years, but that’s like reading the music of your favorite song.  It’s not the same.

So, this week and next will be my last visits to the Albert Square that I recognize, with Alfie serving up pints at the Vic.  Alfie is my favorite, and I know he won’t be there when I find EastEnders online….

Alfie Moon (actor Shane Richie) in EastEnders. A sad good-bye.

AN UPDATE TO THIS POST:  Oh, goodness!  I just discovered that Alfie Moon is coming back to EastEnders!  It’s like a consolation prize.  I also discovered that the BBC has removed the episode archive on their website.



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4 responses to “The End of EastEnders

  1. Erin Ohlson


    My name is Erin. I hope you don’t mind if I post our petition link here. My husband and I have created a petition to save EE on KTEH. On the petition, we are currently doing a “fake” pledge drive. It is interesting that KTEH claims that viewership is down. No wonder, they put it on at 6:30. Also, KTEH claims that they had to cut costs. However, they are producing a new show, Quest. This stars Olivia Newton John. How does this cut costs? I’m trying to reach as many EE fans out there, with our petition. Thanks.

    EastEnder fans should continue to complain at the site too. There viewers can click on the link BackTalkWithBecca, and then to WhyEastEndersisleaving.

  2. Erin Ohlson

    Thanks for posting. Have you had any complaints about EE ending, or am I the only one?


    • I’ve had the most visitors to my blog through the search “EastEnders KTEH ending” but you are the first to comment. Obviously this is important to me and other viewers around the Bay Area. I sure hope your petition has a positive effect!

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