Silly Toys and Elephants

I really like Taylor Lautner.  He was the only thing that saved Twilight from being a total waste of my time.  If he hadn’t been cast as the beefier Jacob in New Moon I would have skipped it altogether.  It’s nice to see that his star is on the rise, but I have one important question.  Is there really anyone on the planet who wants to see a movie about Stretch Armstrong?   It seems like the biggest waste of money, time and talent since….oh, I don’t know, Speed Racer?  No, at least Speed Racer sounded kind of interesting before it was released.  

In other casting news, I’m rather disgusted by Robert Pattinson getting the lead in Water for Elephants.  I don’t have any respect for his acting skills, and I simply find him creepy.  The young man in Water for Elephants is a depression-era veterinary student who’s the son of Polish immigrants.  Pattinson mumbles his way through the Twilight movies, so I cringe to think what he’ll do with this accent.  The only thing that will save this casting nightmare will be if Peter Dinklage plays the dwarf.  He’s too old for the part as written in the book, but that’s not important.  I would watch Peter Dinklage read the phone book.  I became a fan watching The Station Agent, which is such a lovely film.

Peter Dinklage in The Station Agent



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5 responses to “Silly Toys and Elephants

  1. Kat Miner

    Must agree is assessment of New Moon and RP – Seriously – I can’t take anymore pseudo-angst! I really don’t understand what all the fuss is about – He’s nothing to look at and if that film is any indication of his acting skills, well, what more need be said?

  2. Kat Miner

    BTW – wasn’t familiar with “The Station Agent” looks delightful – Moved to the top of my Netflix queue! (Though I recognized Peter Dinklage from Elf and was it Boston Legal he was on?

  3. Kat Miner

    ALSO btw – Painting teacher used 3 films to introduce the class to Film NOir, the subject of our next painting – films were: Mildred Pierce, Touch of Evil and The Postman always rings twice – Not being an appreciator of old films, I’ve not seen any of them, but am now very intrigued – time for a trip to Kensington Video!

    • Mildred Pierce is the classic Joan Crawford with the shoulder pads, but I’ve never watched it all the way through. I should. An author recently wrote a murder mystery about Joan Crawford witnessing a murder by bow and arrow–the title of the book is….wait for it….Mildred Pierced !!! I just love that, you can tell.
      I hope you like The Station Agent as much as I do. You should also check out the original British Death at the Funeral–Peter Dinklage is so good in that they cast him in the same role in the US remake. Which I haven’t seen yet. I never watched Boston Legal–I think I’d prefer the phone book reading!

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