Pandora’s Box Continued

I have lots of new links to share in the continuing media frenzy unleashed by gay Newsweek journalist Ramin Setoodeh when he criticized gay actors for not being convincing in straight roles.  All sorts of fascinating people have expressed their opinion of Setoodeh and their interpretation of what he is attempting to say.   The fact that nobody can agree on what he is saying in his original article (something I struggled with myself in my previous post) is a clear illustration of the article’s muddled message.

One thing I didn’t mention in my previous post is that I do not support personal attacks on Setoodeh just because I don’t agree with him.   I’m really sorry that he’s been threatened and personally insulted. 

The people who make Glee, specifically creator Ryan Murphy, called for a boycott of Newsweek until they issue an apology for Setoodeh’s piece.  At the same time, Murphy invited Setoodeh to sit down with the Glee writers to share their respective viewpoints.   He hasn’t succeeded in getting an apology yet, but Setoodeh has accepted his invitation to visit the set of Glee.  Here’s Murphy’s second letter.

Meanwhile, over at The Hollywood Reporter, the president of GLAAD, Jarrett Barrios,  and screenwriter Dustin Lance Black have written an open letter in support of gay actors.  Their point: “The whole posse of off-kilter anecdotes in “Straight Jacket” seem only to confirm one thing: America is starting to embrace open gay and lesbian actors in heterosexual roles on stage and screen and Setoodeh himself is not yet ready to.”   Hollywood Reporter editor Andrew Wallenstein defends Setoodeh in his commentary.  

Over at The Huffington Post.  Aaron Sorkin posted this opinion, and when several people wrote comments complaining about his use of the term ‘sexual preference’ instead of ‘sexual orientation,’ Sorkin took the time to write an apology to each reader in reply. 

So, over at Vanity Fair, this entertaining piece had still more to add to the debate.  Brett Berk looks back over Setoodeh’s previous articles to illustrate that the Newsweek journalist has been pretty consistent in his opinions.  Berk writes, “Here’s my theory: it seems to me that his real issue is not actually with these or other homos playing straight, but with some deep-seated conflict he has with gay guys that he perceives as being too fey or effeminate.”

I simply don’t have time to read the all of the things being written on this issue.  When would I sleep?  I’m looking forward to reading all about Setoodeh’s visit to Glee, though.  That should be fun.


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