Child Abuse?

One of my guilty pleasures is watching Live with Regis and Kelly in the morning.  I rarely see the whole hour, but the sections I do catch help me to wake up and face the day.  Mostly I live in hope that Anderson Cooper will be the guest host.  So, yesterday on the show they had the craziest segment I’ve ever seen.  A physical trainer who has a baby developed an exercise program using the baby and one of those big inflated balls.  So she’s sitting there with a real live baby. and so is Regis and so is Kelly, and all three of them are bouncing on balls.  The trainer’s baby is hysterically crying.  Regis is attempting exercises on the ball that no man who’s had hip surgery recently should ever try with a live baby.  I’m watching in awe, waiting for disaster.  Eventually someone comes out to exchange babies with the trainer.  Regis manages to avoid a trip to the hospital.  It appears no babies were harmed.  After the commercial break, Regis starts tossing his baby high in the air, but by then his baby has been swapped with a doll.  I imagine somebody got chewed out behind the scenes for deciding that this demonstration was good idea!


While surfing the internet reading about the Gay Actors Debate, I came across a couple of reports that the Glee cast complained to creator Ryan Murphy that they’re being overworked.  There’s no doubt that these are some of the hardest working young people on TV.  When they’re not filming, they’re in dance rehearsals, in the recording studio, or preparing for the summer tour.  It’s reported that Murphy was irritated and dismissive of his cast’s complaints, saying Fox makes the schedule and everybody has to live with it.  There were numerous comments from regular folks who said these kids have nothing to complain about, since they’re earning lots of money and lucky to be working.  My opinion is really a question.  What are the actors unions doing about it?  The Screen Actors Guild and AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) are supposed to protect their members from being overworked.  They set down lots of rules and guidelines regarding working hours, breaks and time off.  Are these being observed on the Glee set?

One more thing: Mark Harris at Entertainment Weekly wrote a thoughtful editorial about the Gay Actors Debate that really contributes something positive.  It’s well worth reading.


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