Really Random Stuff (2)

I’m a little bit sad.  I just found out that my dream casting of Peter Dinklage for the role of Walter/Kinko in Water for Elephants is not going to happen.  I read last month that he was in negotiations for the part, but now a different actor has been announced.   I’ve never heard of this other fellow, Mark Povinelli, and maybe he’s good.  He has lots of acting credits, mostly TV guest appearances.  I’m  just disappointed because I really love Dinklage. 

I figured that if Peter Dinklage didn’t get cast as Walter, it would be because he’s older and darker than the character described in the book.  If I recall correctly, and it’s been a while since I read it, Walter is red-haired and freckled and really young.   Dinklage is almost 41 and dark-haired.  Well, Povinelli is only two years younger and just as dark.  So that’s not it.  I suppose Dinklage is just too darn busy!


Last Wednesday night, I watched the new FOX television series The Good Guys.  It’s a buddy cop show starring Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks.  Now, I like Colin Hanks a lot, but to me he’ll always be the sweet teenager Alex on Roswell.  He’s 32 now, but he still looks very young.  On the other hand, Bradley Whitford doesn’t look anything like he used to on The West Wing.  Maybe it’s the moustache, but I kept thinking he looked like a short  Dabney Coleman.  I watched the show because of my affection for Hanks, but I wasn’t expecting much.  The reviews haven’t been very good.  Well, I was pleasantly surprised.  It was really fun.  And funny.  Not great, but fun.  For all the bullets, knives and explosions, the body count was zero.  Or just one.  I’m not positive about this one fellow.  If he did die, he probably deserved it.  Anyway, there’s never enough new stuff to watch during the summer, so I’ll keep tuning in for this one.


I don’t really understand politics.  I don’t follow politics very closely.  I try to be a good citizen and vote in almost every election.  I’m pretty liberal in my choices.  Living in San Francisco, I fit in pretty well.  Growing up in Southern California, I always felt out of sync.  Anyway, I don’t understand the current race for California governor, or at least the ads on my local TV stations.  Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner are busy trying to prove how conservative they are, like it’s a selling point…in San Francisco?  Huh?  And another thing:  what’s the deal with Meg Whitman’s lower lip?


A trailer for Charlie St Cloud just hit the internet.  Zac Efron looks great, as usual, and the movie looks very pretty, too.  When I read the book, I was disappointed, mainly because it’s not a very challenging role for Efron.  It’s a sweet story, a nice little romance, and Efron could do it in his sleep.   I will probably see the movie in the theatre, definitely on DVD, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Efron will stretch himself more in his next role. 


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