My Summer Vacation

I haven’t been writing very much lately, because I’ve actually been busy.  I almost forgot what that was like!  These last couple of weeks I’ve been getting ready for some of my summer volunteer work, so soon I will have plenty to write about.  First there’s the GLAAD Media Awards, then the Frameline Film Festival, and then July’s San Francisco Silent Film Festival. 

 I love the Silent Film Festival as an audience member, and each year I consider volunteering for it.  I think I actually did leave a message once about volunteering, but I never heard anything back.  I’ve already bought tickets for the newly restored Metropolis and Capra’s The Strong Man.  Kevin Brownlow is going to be attending The Strong Man and receiving an award.  I really want to meet him, since he’s one of the first and best silent film historians.  Leonard Maltin will also be back this year introducing several films.  I want to see more than just two films, and I wish I could set up a cot in the Mezzanine at the Castro Theatre and just sleep there for the weekend!



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2 responses to “My Summer Vacation

  1. Oh my gosh I haven’t heard of the silent film festival! That sounds like so much fun! Do you have to buy tickets super early because they sell out?

  2. Some of the big movies sell out by the time of the festival, but not all of them. This year the newly restored Metropolis is likely to sell out early, since this is the one of the very first showings of the lost footage found in a museum vault in South America a couple of years ago. Very exciting stuff. Visit for all the movies and to buy tickets. I’d love to see you there!

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