All Thumbs

This post is gonna be weird.  You’ve been warned.  

I notice things.  Little things.  Like how the bandage and wound on Colin Firth’s forehead in A Single Man kept changing size and position.  It drove me nuts.  Anyway, I watch hands, too.  Three people I like have interesting thumbs.  Here they are: 

Anderson Cooper: If you look at Cooper’s hands, you’ll see he’s got really long, skinny thumbs. I think it’s because his palm isn’t very fleshy. I couldn’t find a very good photo, but here’s a  couple 0f fuzzy ones.  They really don’t do his thumbs justice. 

Anderson Cooper's thumb

This reminds me, I once met a girl at a party who was born without thumbs.  Doctors moved one of her other fingers to the thumb position on each hand.  She was really cool about it and didn’t seem to mind telling me about the procedure.  Fascinating. 

The best photo I could find of Jackson's thumbs.

Jonathan Jackson:  He has hyperextended thumbs, also known as hitchhiker’s thumb.  Here’s a link to an excellent photo of what this looks like.  (Not a photo of Jackson’s thumb, but another guitar player.)  I have one of these myself, on my right hand. You have to be really careful when you have this kind of thumb.  A couple of times, years ago, I pressed down too hard on a stapler, and my thumb bent back so far at the joint that it touched the back of my hand.  Yeah, it was really painful, and I could feel the muscles and tendons stretch all the way up my forearm. 

My moderate hitchhiker's thumb.

Hrithik Roshan:  In India, extra fingers are considered lucky, so usually they aren’t removed.  Roshan is one of Bollywood’s biggest stars.  He’s got a double thumb.  In his early film roles he attempted to hide it, but now he’s quite willing to show it off. 

Hrithik Roshan's double thumb

So, today’s motto is THUMBS UP! 


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