Nine Years Later

I’ve been really disturbed by the news reports of the church in Florida that planned to burn the Koran today, on the anniversary of the terrorist attacks that changed our world nine years ago.   I’m relieved that the church has called off the event.  I am praying for the people around the world who have been injured or killed in protests.   Even though burning the Koran is protected by first ammendment rights, reasonable people know it’s wrong.  It’s wrong to destroy something that others hold sacred, even if you don’t believe yourself.  It’s wrong to put other people’s lives at risk for a purely symbolic act, especially one that is about judgement and condemnation.   This day should be about remembering and healing.  And peace.

Taken at Ground Zero in Spring 2002

Ground Zero 2002

The Statue of Liberty taken through a Manhattan railing 2002



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