I’ve been waiting all summer long for this week, and it’s finally here.  New TV shows to check out, new episodes of returning favorites, a new weekly schedule to memorize—and the question, will it all live up to my high expectations?

I’m most nervous about two of my favorite shows, NCIS and Criminal Minds. NCIS lost some of its sparkle last season, and I never learned to like the annoying lady lawyer.  I’m hoping for a return to good form in the coming weeks, if they can quickly wrap up the Mexico revenge storyline.  Criminal Minds rearranged its cast this year, dumping A.J. Cook and reducing the appearances of Paget Brewster.  The end-of-season cliffhanger/first episode features a ridiculously disturbing Tim Curry, and I hope it doesn’t signify a trend.  If the episodes get too graphic, I simply can’t watch. 

 It can be tough squeezing in all the shows you want to watch without a DVR.  At least I don’t have cable, so those shows are off the table until they come out on DVD.  CBS moved The Big Bang Theory to Thursday night, and that’s going to be tough on me.  It’s difficult enough that Glee is on at the same time as NCIS.  Moving CSI: Miami to Sunday night now means that I will have to sacrifice it for Masterpiece Whatever (Mystery, Classic, Contemporary).  Why can’t they move something I enjoy to the wasteland that is Saturday night? 

 The new shows that I’m most excited about are Hawaii Five-O (since I adore Alex O’Loughlin) and Lone Star.  I’m going to take the time to check out The Defenders, Blue Bloods, The Whole Truth, The Event, and No Ordinary Family.  I have no real sense yet if I’ll take to any of them.  I know I already hate Rob Morrow’s scruffy beard.  I’m hoping the judge in his courtroom will order him to shave before he gets charged with contempt. 

 What are you excited about?



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6 responses to “Anticipation

  1. Kat

    Ooh! What a fun post! Being the Reality show junkie that I am (I know, don’t hate me!) – I love the freshness of each season! (more on that below. I tend to get quickly bored with story lines and character development in TV dramas. (I dropped Grey’s Anatomy 2 years ago. ) Take The Good Wife, for example. I really enjoyed season 1 – well acted, intriguing story lines, interesting characters – that said, if the Julie Margolis character chooses to leave her marriage for her boss… well, I just don’t know how long I can watch. Other than The Good Wife, TV dramas I’m looking forward include The Mentalist and Castle, though they are basically the same show with different actors (witty, non-police hunk aids lovely police woman with plenty of sexual chemistry mixed in…), Hawaii Five-O (no brainer!) and, yes, Lone Star looks interesting. My mom is a huge NCIS fan, so I may get involved with it and yes, Glee, of course!

    As for Reality shows – Survivor, The Amazing Race, America’s Next Top Model, Dancing with the Stars are all up there. Also enjoyed Undercover Boss from last season which is coming back. I think the hosts really help make the shows with Survivor and TAR. And while Ms Banks heads up ANTM, what I really love are the trans-formative photo shoots. I’m a sucker for makeovers and always have enjoyed good photography (duh!). DWTS, I could actually take or leave. I enjoy it but not as much as the others – Then there are the cable shows… Project Runway, Design Star, Next Food Network Star, etc…

    All that said – with the lack of decent programing on most nights recently – I’m up to Series 3 of Doc Martin. My mom is quite hooked as am I. We tend to watch a DVD a sitting. Thankfully Series 4 is available on Netflix, too 🙂 After we finish I’m considering Men Behaving Badly and/or the IT Team with “Easy Virtue” tossed in the middle somewhere. Any recommendations??? I know my mom would love BallyK – but I’ve seen plenty.

    • Well, I wasn’t too thrilled with the latest Doc Martin series, mainly because the Doc seemed more two dimensional than before. I’m into Richard Coyle at the moment, so I recommend Coupling for some belly laughs and cringing. I need to watch The IT Team myself.

      I liked The Mentalist early on, but I can’t stand the Red John storyline with its high body count. I will have to wait to watch Castle during reruns because it’s on against Hawaii Five-O, unless of course that show turns out to be a disappointment.

      I don’t watch the reality shows, but I am tuning into a bit of Survivor, because I know someone who knows someone who knows one of the members of the younger team. We can’t wait to see her voted off.

  2. Katelyn

    Looking forward to Survivor and hopefully they vote off of “Purple Kelly”! I feel like I used to watch a lot more tv dramas than I do now, suddenly it seems like I’m watching a lot more sitcoms. I’m really excited for Modern Family, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, and I would say The Office because it’s Steve Carrell’s last season but the last two seasons haven’t lived up to my standards. I’m also hoping for a good season with Parenthood and I just started season 4 of Friday Night Lights on netflix so I will patiently wait for season 5 to start at the end of October.

  3. Matt

    I’m looking Forward to Hawaii Five- O cause Alex O deserve a hit and Grace parks is hot lol.

    I mostly watch cable shows though. I’ve got the House premiere on my DVR though.

    Also looking forward to No Ordinary Family starring Michael Chiklis (The Shield was one of my fave shows} and Julie Benz (Dexter, my fave show right now.)

    don’t watch reality tv.

  4. Matt

    true lol. Don’t spoil house for me. I loved Grace Parks on Battlestar Galattica too. When does Hawaii five-O premiere?

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