Playing With Photoshop

Enation performing Eyes of Grace

Enation performing Eyes of Grace (click to see larger)

Enation just posted a new video on YouTube, performing Eyes of Grace in concert.  My friend recently taught me how to make screencaps, so I had some fun putting this together in photoshop.



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6 responses to “Playing With Photoshop

  1. Katelyn

    You know it’s pretty ironic the song is called “Eyes of Grace” yet you can’t see any of the band members’ eyes.

  2. Ah, I wish I had photoshop. I would use it too much probably! Do you watch Being Human? I can’t remember if that’s one of the shows we talked about. Well anyways, I wrote a review of the remake last night on yet another blog I’ve started up. This one will pretty much be call me freckles but with less cussing.

    • I love Aidan Turner! I thought season two of the British Being Human was better than the first. Basically The Ghost didn’t whine so much. I don’t get cable, so I will rely on your review of the new US version.

      I’m excited by your new blog. I love your stuff, and I’m always happy to send readers your way.

  3. Just saw your photoshop of our concert. Love it! Thanks for doing that. Can we post it on our Facebook page for others to see? — RLJ / Enation

    • Thank you! I actually did post it on your facebook page as a fan photo, but you’re welcome to use it anywhere you like. Just keep those photos and videos coming and I’ll keep playing with them!

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