The Patriots Inn, Kilmainham, Dublin

On the last day of my first trip to Ireland, in October 1995, I missed the ferry in Dublin and had to wait until the evening one.  I used the day to visit historic Kilmainham Gaol, and then I dragged my suitcase and my weary self into the nearest pub.   It was called The Patriots Inn.  I had already plunked down before I took a good look around.  I was the only female in the place.  I was on the bar side instead of the lounge, where women usually have their drinks.  The adorable old fellows made me feel welcome, once they got over their surprise.   I got out my camera, and that’s when the fun began.  Here are my favorites:

Yeah, that’s a bar coaster on his forehead.

(Click on photos to see large versions.)


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3 responses to “The Patriots Inn, Kilmainham, Dublin

  1. Katelyn

    I love these photos, you’re making me miss Dublin. I also love how old men sitting at a bar in the middle of the day is so cliche, but so absolutely true in Ireland.

  2. have u anymore photos of the pub

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