Wow, I guess I’m not the only one who sat up and took notice of 14-year-old Robert Madge in the Les Misérables 25th anniversary concert.  Here are some more screencaps of his performance as Gavroche.
 Robert Madge as Gavroche, Les Miserables 25th anniversary concert 
DYHTPS Robert Madge Gavroche collage
Do You Hear The People Sing?

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26 responses to “Gavroche

  1. Katelyn

    He’s a cutie 🙂

  2. He sure is. I’ve been seeing so many searches for him in my blog stats, I know folks want to see more of him.

  3. Nate

    As with most of the casting of the concert, Robert Madge was a perfect fit to play Gavroche. He’s fantastic!

  4. MOD

    I was blown away by Robert Madge’s performance. My mom & I debated whether he was an adult playing a child’s role. He added energy & life to the role while hitting the notes and hitting his marks. Superb!

  5. Val

    I am a 36 year old woman and I just saw the 25th anniversary special of Les Miserable the other night. I was impressed with the stage adaptation of the play, but I was BLOWN AWAY with Robert Madge’s performance as Gavroche. He was incredible and I would love to see more of what he has to offer in his performances. I just can’t get his performance out of my head. WOW!!!!!

  6. We just have to hope that Robert Madge does some more work in television and in films, so that we can see more of him without having to fly to London.

  7. Val

    I’d love to see Robert Madge in more films and stage performances. I am wondering if anyone would know if he has a personal fan club website or anything of the sort? I have researched him a bit and I can’t really find anything that I haven’t already read. I guess in a way you could say I would just like him to know what a huge fan I am of his. Its funny how this one boy would end up impacting my life like this but he has and now I’m hooked….HEHE!!!!! Any information anyone may have would be great. Thanks.

    • Aidee Lei

      Hey(: Im a big fan of Robert myself. :DDDD WannA START A FAN CLUB??

      • Hey, thanks for dropping by. If you start a fan club, let me know. I’m more of a follower than an organizer!

      • Janie

        If u start a fan club let me know id be the president robert did an unbelievably amazing job i’ve never seen someone play a role so perfect:) les misérables is my fav im 13 and i wont listen to any other sound track other than the 25th anniversary

  8. MOD

    It is possible to create a fan page on FB. Anyone interested in that? Another good way to get this started is to contact his agent or manager. They could have something set up and also can delineate exactly what sort of info they want on a fan page. Does anyone have info on Robert’s agent or manager?

  9. Val

    I actually have seen fan sites on facebook for “Les Miserables” but none just for Robert Madge. I did post to there once and really did not get any responses. I also did find that he himself does have a facebook page but for obvious reasons not just anyone can “friend” him on his page. You have to know him personally which I completely understand. I have since deactivated my personal facebook page. I wouldn’t want anyone in his circle of agents and managers to be upset with me and feeling like I am going too far. Its just that this kid has really made such an impression on me but I would never want to overstep my bounds. Thank you for the suggestions though. I do appreciate it.

  10. Hopefully there will be an official website and a facebook fan page in this actor’s future. I guess we have to be patient!

  11. Val

    Does anyone know how safe and reliable twitter is? I have thought about creating an account and possibly be able to follow Robert Madge on twitter but im not even sure he is on twitter….although I can’t see why I mean everyone else in the world is…HAHA!!!! Anyway, I don’t really know anything about twitter or how safe it is. I also don’t know how to look him up if he is on twitter.

  12. I have never had any safety problems on twitter, although I do find that people tweet the most boring stuff. I unfollow anybody who mentions going to the gym. Once you join twitter, you can search for people by name. Major celebrities who are verified as being real will have a “verified” symbol. There is a twitter account that may be actor Robert Madge, “dodgemadge,” but if it is him, he’s only tweeted a few times, and not recently. From the Les Miserables concert, Matt Lucas, Alfie Boe, Ramin Karimloo, and Hadley Fraser are all active on twitter, and their tweets are lively and entertaining.

  13. Val

    Thanks so much for the info. I did see him on twitter and even though he may not “tweet” all that much, I think someone in his circle of people keep up with his tweets and the people that tweet back. I may think about doing something like that. Its like I told a friend earlier, there is a fine line between being an admirer and a stalker and I don’t want to cross that line. I’m not looking to stalk, I’m just wanting to know about him and possibly allow him in some way to know that I am a huge fan of his. I will have to check out twitter. thanks for letting me know.

  14. buddrose

    Found your blog when I googled Robert Madge. As all have said previously, he was a PERFECT Gavroche! Love, love, love his expression when the woman joined him to sing onstage – thanks for the screen capture of it! His enthusiasm and wit came shining thru in the part. Hope to see him in more productions!

    • Don’t you just love google? I love that folks are enjoying my screencaps. The night I watched the PBS concert I did a google image search for the blog. When nothing decent came up, I realized I had to make some myself. As for praising Robert Madge’s performance, I don’t think it can be done too often!

  15. Ha! I found a way to make better images, so I switched these to improved versions. I hope you like them.

  16. Val

    Love the diversity in the expressions on his face in these pics. Just goes to show what an exceptional actor he really is. MAN WHAT AN ACTOR!!!! They are great pics but I must confess I kinda miss the pic where he is on stage by himself without his costar standing next to him and he is smiling. He has got the best smile I have seen on a kid. Just makes your heart melt :). It was on the other pics from before. These pics do show the diversity in his expressions though and they are really good. Still trying to find current pics of him without being in costume but so far no luck. I will keep searching. I will search to the ends of the earth to find what im looking for. He is worth the time and effort. 🙂

    • Not to worry! That smiling one is now in my post “My Les Mis”, and I’m working on another set from when Gavroche reveals the spy Javert. Keep checking back!

  17. lindsey

    Oh my gosh Robert is H-O-T HOT!!!!!! I feel that his performance was AMAZING! best Gavroche ever. Does anyone have any information on him, like how tall he is?

  18. barker

    He is amazing. He totally outperformed several of the adult cast, especially Jonas. He should be in a lot more shows, i can’t wait to see him perform.

    He’d be a good ‘Michael’ in Billy Elliot too…

  19. Melanie

    Just an update, in case anyone is interested… Robert has recently uploaded a couple of videos on youtube, and is responding to fan’s comments.

  20. He is my favorite person in the world

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