Les Mis: To The Barricade!

As promised, here are more images from the Les Misérables 25th Anniversary concert. 

Red & Black: Ramin Karimloo, Nick Jonas and ensemble

The night that ends at last: Ramin Karimloo, Nick Jonas and ensemble

Ramin Karimloo, Les Miserables concert

Let us take to the streets! Ramin Karimloo with revolutionaries

Ramin Karimloo with Robert Madge and ensemble

We fight here in her name. She will not die in vain.

Ramin Karimloo and Alfie Boe with musket

Give me the spy Javert, let me take care of him. (Ramin Karimloo and Alfie Boe)

Ramin Karimloo & Nick Jonas, Les Miserables

Everybody keep the faith: Ramin Karimloo & Nick Jonas

Hadley Fraser, Grantaire & revolutionaries, Les Miserables, Drink With Me

Drink With Me: Hadley Fraser & the revolutionaries

Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

The very words that they had sung, became their last communion...

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4 responses to “Les Mis: To The Barricade!

  1. Katelyn

    Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing! I love that there’s lots of Ramin Karimloo, and the expression on Nick Jonas’ face in that last photo makes me smile.

  2. Katelyn

    You may be a bit biased, but it is your blog after all. You better get crackin’ on those Karimloo and Fraser photos, I’m waiting!

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