Gavroche: Liar!

Here is the sequence from the Les Misérables concert where Gavroche (Robert Madge) reveals the identity of the spy Javert. 

 Robert Madge as Gavroche, Liar!, Les Miserables

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3 responses to “Gavroche: Liar!

  1. Valerie

    if you could find a way to take the very last pic of Robert Madge smiling and make it, its own picture that would be great. That is the BEST smile. I realize he is smiling in other pics but there is just something about that pic that makes my heart melt. Its so Angelic.

  2. lindsey

    Robert I love you!!! ❤ Like seriousally BEST smile EVER!

  3. Rosanne

    I Like it and you look like a girl!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

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