Here is Alfie Boe as Valjean at the beginning of the Les Misérables concert. When Valjean gets his yellow ticket of leave from prison, he discovers being paroled does not free him.  He steals from the Bishop, but instead of sending him back to prison, the Bishop (Earl Carpenter) gives him his silver candlesticks as well, saying he must use the silver to become an honest man. Valjean rips up his yellow ticket and begins a new life.  

Alfie Boe Jean Valjean Les Miserables

The day begins, and now let's see, what this new world will do for me.

Alfie Boe as Jean Valjean, Les Miserables

This piece of paper in my hand, it makes me cursed throughout the land. It is the Law!

Alfie Boe Jean Valjean Les Miserables

Tell his Reverence your story, let us see if he's impressed!

Alfie Boe Jean Valjean Les Miserables Earl Carpenter Bishop of Digne

God has raised you out of darkness, I have bought your soul for God.

Alfie Boe Jean Valjean Les Miserables

Why did I allow this man to touch my soul and teach me love?

Alfie Boe Jean Valjean Les Miserables

Take an eye for an eye, turn your heart into stone! This is all I have lived for, this is all I have known! Is there another way to go?

Alfie Boe Valjean Les Miserables
Jean Valjean is nothing now, another story must begin!

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2 responses to “24601

  1. Soliloquy

    Looking forward to seeing Alfie Boe in Les Mis this summer..

    • I look forward to reading your impressions. Hopefully you’ll get a performance with Matt Lucas and Hadley Fraser as well. I know they stagger the understudies in performances. (Of course, the understudies are often future stars in the making.)

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