Your PBS Station May Be Lying

I don’t know why I have it in for PBS!  I’ve complained about the cancellation of EastEnders and the trimming down of Masterpiece.  Tonight, I want to warn all US Les Mis fans about the 2 CD set of Les Misérables that is being offered as a pledge incentive during the 25th Anniversary concert broadcast.  I don’t know about your local station, but KQED in Northern California is claiming that this Dream The Dream CD set is the concert soundtrack.  It’s not.   

The Dream The Dream  CD set is a live recording of the 25th anniversary touring production of Les Misérables.  Valjean is sung by John Owen-Jones, not Alfie Boe. Nick Jonas, Ramin Karimloo, Hadley Fraser, Lea Salonga, and Matt Lucas are NOT on this recording.  A few cast members are the same, like Katie Hall, but the rest of the roles are performed by different actors.  Now, this may still be an excellent CD set, but it’s not what the folks at KQED are claiming.  This could be a simple case of ignorance, except that I called the station and told them the difference.  On the very next pledge break, they continued telling viewers that it was the O2 concert recording.  And that’s just wrong.  Besides, the concert, and these CDs, have been used regularly for the last three months for pledge drives,  so I know I’m not the only person to bring this to their attention.  I urge you to call your station if they are also misinforming viewers.

Unfortunately at this time, there is no CD/mp3 download of the O2 concert.  If it becomes available, I will definitely post that information.

Update:  I received a response from KQED on this issue.   It sounds like they are attempting to fix the situation.  They are adding disclaimers to their fundraising breaks to note that the CDs are “a cast recording rather than a recording of the broadcast” (which I hope they make clear is a different cast), and they say they’re sending letters and emails to those members who requested the CDs “to apologize, to make the distinction, and to determine what additional steps are necessary for those members.”   In addition, I’ve been told they will investigate whether this had happened during national fundraising efforts.   




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2 responses to “Your PBS Station May Be Lying

  1. David Peterson

    Thanks for the hedz-up. This won’t affect me directly (I’m not a big Les Mis fan), but false advertising is NOT the standard I expect from PBS. I will keep my eyes open if my local PBS station pulls this bait-and-switch, and will follow up with them if it happens. In addition, I will forward your post to a friend who works (in another department) at PBS…

    • Your efforts, and your comment, are most appreciated. I just got a response from KQED (added in an update) which seems promising. I am very curious about the other stations across the US and what they’re saying about the CDs.

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