It Runs in the Family!

I inherited my love for actors from my grandmother.  She simply adored Clark Gable.  This is a very special page from her photo album.  Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy were filming a movie at March Field—possibly Test Pilot, released in 1938.   The photos aren’t dated, and they’re glued down in the album, so I can’t be sure.   I am pretty sure my grandmother didn’t take them herself, but she obviously treasured them. 

Spencer Tracy and Clark Gable

Spencer Tracy and Clark Gable at March Field, California

(click on image to see the larger version.)



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3 responses to “It Runs in the Family!

  1. I think your first instinct is right, and these are from Test Pilot. Clark Gable definitely wears that jacket in that film. They’re amazing photos! They look professional, but candid, too. Are there any more in that photo book that you’d care to share?

  2. Thanks for the help, Dan! My grandmother was living in Yellowstone National Park in 1938, so she probably didn’t take them herself. As for the rest of the photo album, they’re mostly photos of my grandparents in jodhpurs standing on rocks. (Grandpa was a National Park ranger.)

    • Katelyn

      These photos are amazing! I love that your grandmother kept these in a photo album.

      And I smiled a bit picturing your grandparents standing on Yellowstone rocks in jodhpurs.

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