Les Mis: The Big Opening

Last night in London, the new production of Les Misérables with Alfie Boe, Matt Lucas and Hadley Fraser opened at last.  I’ve been looking forward to this night since the beginning of March, when I first saw the Les Mis 25th Anniversary Concert on television.  By all accounts, the evening was a big success, the new cast was wonderful, and the audience was filled with fans and celebrities who were wildly enthusiastic.   All three performers have been graciously tweeting their thanks to the many fans who sent flowers and best wishes.  Ramin Karimloo, who played Enjolras in the anniversary concert, attended the opening and praised his concert mates.  (It’s a good thing he has Thursday nights off from Love Never Dies, but I suspect he’d have taken the night off anyway!)   Matt Lucas will play Thénardier until 10 September, Alfie Boe will play Valjean until 26 November, and all their performances together are now sold out.  Hadley Fraser plays Javert for a full year.  I wish them all a great summer onstage at the Queen’s Theatre, and I’m looking forward to more tweets, photos, and stage door stories from fans.

I will be adding links here to other blogs, more photos, reviews, and hopefully some videos of Opening Night.  Please help me by adding links in the comment section.

More photos of Opening Night of Les Miserables

Listen to Hadley Fraser sing Stars and Javert’s Suicide

Listen to Alfie Boe and Hadley Fraser

A short piece in The Sun about Matt Lucas

A very positive review of the new cast and production

A review from one of my favorite West End bloggers

A review from a fan of Liam Tamne (Enjolras)

A little off-topic, but a fun podcast of Hadley Fraser

An interview with Hadley Fraser



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10 responses to “Les Mis: The Big Opening

  1. Soliloquy

    I love how you’re so excited about it!

    • It’s kind of insane to be so enthusiastic about a show I won’t even see! I’m counting on you to fill in the blanks. I hope you’re seeing the show soon?

  2. Angie Scholey

    Loving Hadley’s “aged” look – he really looks the part. Alfie looks a bit scary!! but then, stage make-up isn’t subtle! Counting the weeks ’til my trip to see the show in September, can’t wait now!

    • Alfie doesn’t even look like Alfie. I shall be counting the weeks with you, but we should enjoy the summer and not wish it away too fast!

  3. Soliloquy

    Yes, I am seeing the show next week! Look out for my review!

  4. Thanks for linking my review 🙂
    Can’t believe it’s Hadley under all that make-up though, he looks so different! As does Alfie Boe for that matter.

    • Ralph Adette

      I loved Alfie Boe’s look – poetic- in the O2 Les Miserables, so I was startled by how old he appears here, but it completely works onstage. Also, Hadley Fraser now LOOKS like Javert in his full makeup – at the Classic Brits as part of the Les Mis ensemble he sounded great but looked far too young and attractive to be believable as Javert headed for the barricades.

      Matt Lucas’ over-the-top with topknot makeup as The Baron du Thenard was duly toned down as well and suited his rambunctious personality, including spinning the Baroness du Thenard off into the wings during their dance. I gather it’s part of the routine.

  5. Was lucky enough to see Matt Lucas in Les Miserables this summer. Gave a great performance, really great for the role and tied to whole musical together.
    Thanks for this post (: