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A Poll about Books

My friend inspired me to take a poll.  She showed me a book she started but gave up on, since it just didn’t engage her.  I usually give a book about 25 pages to determine if I like it.   I’ve certainly read much further than that in books that started out really well but then faltered later. This is more about the books that don’t show any promise from the beginning.  I won’t keep reading a book that starts out badly and doesn’t show any signs of improvement.  Life is too short to waste on a bad book, or at least on one that doesn’t suit me.  How about you?  (If your choice is “Other” be sure to write in your answer! You won’t see your write-in answer now, but I will copy them to this post soon.)

Other Answers:

  • 500 pages
  • I try to read 10% of it.
  • 1 and 1/2 chapters
  • 2 chapters
  • It depends!
  • I’m not started to read a book

Note:  I realized after I posted this poll that there are plenty of people who never start books, so they don’t ever have to worry about whether they’ll finish one!  I guess it didn’t occur to me that those folks would be reading my blog.


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