Matilda The Musical: Cast Recording

Yesterday the cast recording of Matilda was released, featuring the original cast from the RSC Stratford-Upon-Avon production.  This musical adaptation of the Roald Dahl book had a brief run last Christmas, playing to enthusiastic audiences and rave reviews.   I am posting this information because Robert Madge was part of the cast, and he’s a favorite since playing Gavroche in the Les Mis anniversary concert.  Matilda is opening October 18, 2011, in the West End, but Madge is not in London production.  (See the new cast list on the official website.)   The cast recording is being sold exclusively here for now, and it will be available on iTunes beginning October 18th.  I haven’t heard it yet, but I’m sure it’s wickedly good. 

If you want to listen specifically for Robert Madge, he sings solo lines in the opening song “Miracle” and in “When I Grow Up.” 

Matilda CD cast recording



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18 responses to “Matilda The Musical: Cast Recording

  1. Soliloquy

    Can’t wait to see it! Must book soon!

  2. lindsey

    do you have to buy the recording to listen to it or is there somewhere that i can do that?

    • The Matilda website has some promo videos with snippets of songs, and iTunes will probably have those song samples, if you can wait until October 18th. After the opening, there will probably be some bootleg recordings uploaded on YouTube. I’ve not found anything else, but if I do, I will add the link here.

  3. Barker

    Lots of Robert Madge footage in this BBC item (down on the page you can click to see the item)

    The cameraman or the editor seem to think him the bees knees too as he’s in close up quite a few times.

    I say it’s a shame Robert isn’t in the West End production, but then again he may be a bit old for that now!

    Can’t wait to see him again, in anything!

    If anyone has more footage of Robert in Matilda, please share. Maybe it’d be an idea to compile some of his works into a youtube tribute. Anyone ever see anything of his in Mary Poppins?

  4. Barker

    And here is the original footage of the song Revolting Children with the wonderful Robert Madge outperforming the whole cast 🙂 Just look at that expression and those moves… wow.

  5. lindsey

    Is it just me or does Robert look younger in Matilda than he did in Les Miserables?

  6. lindsey

    yea now he is 15. oh and one more question: do you know what exactly Robert says on his solo lines? i want to know what to listen for. ^_^
    * Barker you are sooo right, he is handsome. wish i could meet him.:)

    • Sorry, I don’t know his specific lyrics. I’ll add them in if I find out.

    • Emily

      I’m also trying to figure that out… I can tell he does the “and I am a prince.” in the opening… and a think the first “My daddy says i’m his special little soldier… hut 2 4 3” Not positive though. Can’t tell in When I Grow Up though…

      anyone have the childrens cast on the recording? Idk which ones are actually in it…

      • Barker

        You can find out by buying the CD, it has the lyrics in the booklet, just look up Nigel and you’ll see.

        I think he’s sings the line about being smart enough to know the answers to the questions that you need to know the answers to to be a grown up in “When I grow Up”.

        Unfortunately the iTunes album does not come with a booklet.

        I just can’t believe that a 15 y/o (or maybe he’s 16 now) can be that good and that cute!

        • asdfjkl;

          Unfortunately, I bought the CD on itunes, so I didn’t get a lyrics booklet. Anyone have the patience to post which children characters sing which solos in the songs? Or at least which children are actually on the recording, and who they play?

          And I know! He’s adorable, I adore him.

  7. lindsey

    i believe he will be 16 around august maybe. he tweeted before about his birthday so thats what i’m basing this on although i’m not sure of the exact date. a lot of people seem to be wondering about his age so i thought i would post this. and yes, if someone would please post the lyrics it would be lots of help.

  8. lindsey

    I’ve found his lyrics! On Twitter Robert said he sings ,and i quote, “Miracle=”My daddy says I’m his special little guy” (2nd line of the show) Bruce=”He might explode” (spoken just before song). When I grow up = 2nd verse of the song: “And when i grow up, i will be tall enough to reach the branches that i need to reach to climb the trees you get to climb when you’re grown up” 🙂 I may have had more but it was a while ago now :)”. So there you have it! Lyrics straight from the source.

    • EmilySongTyler

      Yup! I was actually the one who asked him haha. I guessed most of them, but I thought for sure he did ‘and I am a prince’ in Miracle. Guess my ears were tricking me. I also would guess that he does the same line in Miracle in School Song as well.

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