Raoul in Phantom Confirmed

It all seems rather anti-climactic somehow.  The badly-kept secret that Hadley Fraser will play Raoul in The Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary production has finally been confirmed.   I’m delighted, of course, but like many fans, I’m also rather annoyed.  There was no big announcement today from Andrew Lloyd Webber that would have justified all the secrecy.   The link that Hadley Fraser tweeted was simply a DVD product listing on the Phantom website, which says “Hadley Fraser as Raoul.”  The confirmed cast members and Fraser himself  made it clear that they were under a “gag order,” but why bother?  With one week left before the three performances at the Royal Albert Hall, anticipation is high enough without these silly games.  I personally wanted confirmation of Fraser’s participation before I decided whether to buy tickets to the cinema broadcast.  I can’t help speculating that Lloyd Webber held back Fraser’s casting news because he’s not considered a big enough name, outside his enthusiastic fan base, to sell tickets.   If that’s the case, then shame on you, RUG.  If you give Fraser the role, then you should stand by his casting and shout it to the world with confidence.  I’m certain all the folks who have never heard of him (which was me six months ago) will be sitting up in their seats and taking notice.   A whole bunch of them will be searching him out and following his career.

Congratulations, Mr. Fraser!  See you at the Opera, by way of the cinema.

Hadley Fraser in Doctor Who: Army of Ghosts

Hadley Fraser finally tweets confirmation! (from Doctor Who: Army of Ghosts)

Update: A little bit late to the party, but at least Broadway.com gave Fraser a nice little write-up.  The official site for Phantom also added a news announcement, dated September 23rd.  This wasn’t the link that Hadley Fraser tweeted, and I’m not sure this really was posted on Friday morning or added later with the dates tweaked.



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6 responses to “Raoul in Phantom Confirmed

  1. Katelyn

    I guess it’s better to have an anti-climactic confirmation than a shocking announcement it would not be Hadley Fraser in the role. Have fun at the cinema!

  2. Nelia Green

    Hi – I’m looking forward to seeing Hadley Fraser take on the Raoul role. Think he’ll add a dimension to the Count’s personality that will be interesting. On the plus side, we do know that Ramin and Hadley work very well together, and should help with short turn-around from rehearsal to performance. With you on ALW strategy – go figure?

    A dear friend gave me a PHANTOM MASK today for the LIVE EVENT. Sounds like she’s wearing a cape, etc. Have about 15 acknowledged so far to join the celebration at Greenwood Plaza in Denver.

    • Sounds like a fun party! I plan to annoy my fellow theatre-goers by taking photographs before the broadcast begins and doing on-the-spot audience interviews for the blog. Well, at least I will chat with some of the folks sitting around us. I’m not wearing a costume, though. I hope you take some photographs!

  3. Angie Scholey

    I’m with you – pleased it is finally official, but bemused as to why there was so much secrecy surounding it. Granted, Hadley may not be the biggest name in the cast, but Sir Andrew chose him for Raoul, so you would think he’d want people to know?! Anyway, have now booked my cinema tickets and am looking forward to something special.

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