Happy Birthday, Les Mis!

Today, the musical Les Misérables turns 26.  Here’s a toast from Grantaire (Hadley Fraser) at the O2 concert last October.

(Will I ever get tired of posting Les Mis screencaps?  I doubt it!)

Hadley Fraser and cast, Les Miserables, O2 Anniversary concert

"It is better than an opera!"

Note:  I just looked through my old diaries to see exactly when I saw the original Les Misérables in London.  Turns out it was October 2, 1986.  I guess that means I was celebrating two 25th anniversaries last Sunday!

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4 responses to “Happy Birthday, Les Mis!

  1. Angie Scholey

    Let’s face it, you can never get tired of anything Les Mis! Good memories of a great event. Happy Birthday Les Mis – quite an achievement.

  2. Nelia Green

    This time last year I was totally wrapped up in all things Les Mis with the 25th Concert. What an amazing and epic performance. I’ve just loaned my DVD to a friend who’s not seen this version – sure she’ll be totally blown away by it all. Hadley was perfectly cast as Grantaire, as well as Ramin’s Enjolras – front-center-powerful…

    Stacey, love your screencaps, and enjoy doing them myself once you told me how.

  3. I’m considering making a Facebook page for Les Mis fans, similar to some of the silly Potterhead pages out there, since as far as I’m aware there aren’t a lot of those. Anyway, I wanted to ask permission to use your screencaps, as you call them, if I ever get it up and running.

    • Wow, someone who actually asks permission! Thank you for that. Since my images have been copy/pasted all over facebook, twitter, tumblr, and pinterest, you can go ahead. I actually made many more than I posted here, so let me know when you get the page up and running, and I can provide you with some fresh ones.

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