Rainbow Sprinkles

I met Yigit Pura back in June when I was volunteering at the San Francisco GLAAD Media Awards.   He’s the pastry chef who won the first season of Top Chef: Just Desserts on Bravo, and he’s going to open a dessert place in Union Square called Tout Sweet.  I’ve been following him on facebook and twitter because he’s just so damn charming.  Last night,  I went down to Macy’s for a Meals on Wheels Chefs of the Bay Area Calendar Kick-Off Party, to get a calendar signed by seven of the chefs who participated.  Yigit Pura’s photo is on the front cover, and he’s Chef December.  It’s a great shot, because he’s shirtless and covered in rainbow sprinkles.

I almost didn’t make it to the party.  Here’s the twitter version:

Yigit Pura on twitter

How cool is that?

yigit calendar posterIt was a really nice event.  One small area of The Cellar was roped off for the party.  That’s the basement level with all the kitchen ware.  It was a fairly small gathering, maybe forty people, so we all had a chance to mingle a bit with the chefs before they started signing calendars.  I’m not a foodie, so I wasn’t familiar with the other chefs, but everyone was really warm and friendly.  The executive director of Meals on Wheels SF, Ashley McCumber, gave a speech and introduced everyone there who participated in the calendar project, including the photographer and the graphic designer.  We were offered wine, mini-cupcakes, little meringue cookies, and cups of salted caramel ice cream.

The chefs who were there signing: Kara Lind, David Bazirgan, Jen Biesty, Mark Dommen, Pam Mazzola, Kory Stewart, and Yigit Pura.  The calendar is gorgeous, and 100% of the proceeds go directly to MOWSF.  My friend got me the calendar for a birthday present, and I encourage everybody to get their own.  They can be ordered online from mowsf.org.

Kara Lind , David Bazirgan, Jen Biesty and Mark Dommen

Kara Lind , David Bazirgan, Jen Biesty and Mark Dommen

I was taking lots of photos trying to get some good ones for the blog.  Being a devoted blogger can also make you an annoying party guest!  I almost got defeated by the tight space and the department store lighting.  Anyway, the photos aren’t the greatest, but at least they give a sense of the event.  (Clicking on them takes you to larger versions.)

Thank you, Mr Pura!  (Sorry there were no cookies in the bag.)

The Meals on Wheels party and the treats

The Meals on Wheels party and the treats

Pam Mazzola, Kory Stewart and Yigit Pura

Pam Mazzola, Kory Stewart and Yigit Pura

Yigit Pura

Yigit Pura

Macy's window promoting the calendar

Macy's window promoting the calendar




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3 responses to “Rainbow Sprinkles

  1. Nelia Green

    Go Girl … good for you, doesn’t hurt to ask for what you want.

  2. Katelyn

    Oh my goodness could Yigit be any cuter?! That is so awesome he put you on the guest list. You must be soooo special. Looks like you had a great night!

  3. Wow, how absolutely … er, delicious! He certainly is, and how fortunate to have been placed on the guestlist – to echo Nelia, You go, girl!

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