One of my favorite ladies from church passed away last week at 96.  Gladys was the eleventh of twelve siblings, and she’s survived by one sister.  I knew Gladys a little over two years, since I started going to St. Agnes in the Haight.  She always brightened my day, because she always seemed genuinely happy to see me and everybody else, too.   Last year at our Holy Thursday potluck supper, Gladys had a stroke.  It was a blessing that she was with people, because she got immediate medical attention.  It really scared me, and it made me appreciate every moment I had with her after that.  Today at her funeral, one of her good friends said in his eulogy, “Joe, her husband, collected stamps.  Gladys collected people—and people’s hearts.  She collected mine.”  She got mine, too.  He also said he was sure she’s now with Joe, enjoying a glass of chardonnay in heaven and reorganizing the place.  I can picture her clearly doing just that.  I’m going to miss her so much.  Here’s to you, dear lady!



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3 responses to “Gladys

  1. Katelyn

    She sounds like an awesome lady and I know she will be missed. Good thoughts to you and her family, and love to Gladys in heaven!

  2. Nelia Green


    Happy you had the opportunity to know and love each other…

    P.S. Terrific jewelry…

    • The photo was taken at our Mardi Gras fundraiser, so that explains the abundance of colored beads! Gladys was so stylish, and she always came to church dressed to the nines and perfectly coordinated. I’m lucky if my socks match.

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