Phantom of the Opera 25: The DVD

The DVD version of The Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary at the Royal Albert Hall was released this week, but not in the United States.  We have to wait until February 7th, which I’ve already ranted about.  I recruited two UK friends who’ve guest blogged here already to help me out once again.  Here they share their impressions of the new DVD.


My hubby and I were unable to make the trip to the Royal Albert Hall to experience The Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary in person, so the next best thing was to go to our local cinema and be a part of the worldwide live broadcast on 2 October 2011. It was quite something to sit there and think that friends were sitting thousands of miles away, at a different time of day, doing exactly the same thing!

Obviously you miss the buzz of excitement and anticipation as the auditorium fills and the orchestra begins to tune up—people arriving juggling buckets of popcorn and giant hot dogs doesn’t  have quite the same atmosphere! However, when the lights dimmed and the show started, we were all quickly transported to the world of the Opera Populaire.

Having never seen the show before, I can honestly say it was a wonderful experience. I have no point of reference, but I thought Ramin Karimloo, Sierra Boggess and Hadley Fraser were absolutely stunning and, considering the tight time frame everyone was working to, the whole show was an amazing spectacle and if anything major went wrong, I didn’t notice!

The only minor criticism was that on occasions, the music seemed far too loud and we lost some of the lyrics, but we put that down to the cinema sound system and hoped it would be an issue that was easily rectified on the DVD.  Strangely, the very clever digital backdrops didn’t come across on camera too well either, becoming pixelated at times and drawing the eye. Other than that, we got to see the performance in all its glory, with just a couple of things which were always going to be destined for the cutting room floor: Hadley backing into a table and the Phantom’s “switch on” candle!

It was a long wait, but the DVD finally dropped through the letterbox on 14th November, and we both settled down for another evening with the Phantom.  Happy to report the sound problems have been fixed, and it was a delight to hear everything. The editing is good, and the use of multiple angles actually adds to some scenes, bringing your attention to some action that you may have missed before and allowing a much better shot of that candle lighting incident.  (It looks good now, and the table incident has been omitted entirely!) It was also nice to have periodic shots of the fabulous orchestra too. Sadly, those digital backdrop panels still didn’t come across at their best, although they were improved.

An interesting and informative behind-the-scenes style documentary was included as a bonus feature. It was nice to hear from the technical side of the production team for a change, outlining the logistical problems of mounting a full stage production in a concert hall, and watching the talented make up artist at work.

Not having seen the show live, the DVD is, for me at least, a much improved version of the cinematic experience. It is a beautiful record of a truly extraordinary theatrical event, and should definitely be a part of every musical theatre lover’s collection.

*   *   *   *

Helsbrownie, who attended the live performance at the Royal Albert Hall, shared her reactions via twitter as she watched the DVD for the first time.  Click twice to read version with bigger print.

Thank you, Scolytinae and Helsbrownie!  Now we’ll be counting down the days until we can get our hands on the US version of the Phantom DVD.

Some folks might not be aware that the UK version has a region coding that makes it impossible to play on a US player.  Region-free DVD players can play all or most DVDs, and some new computers will allow you to reset the region coding but only a few times.  For example, my new laptop allows me five resets.  The risk is losing track and ending up with a DVD drive that won’t play anything else you own or rent.



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6 responses to “Phantom of the Opera 25: The DVD

  1. Ralph Adette

    The Blu-Ray is supposedly region free!!! DVD/Blu-ray combination pack is about L18.

    • It would be good to have that confirmed by someone in the States who has successfully played the blu-ray version. Bear in mind, blu-ray discs can’t be played on ordinary DVD players, so lots of folks are still left waiting until February.

  2. helsbrownie

    Never has my fringe had this much attention before…….

    • It’s a lot of fringe!

      For my US readers, fringe is what those crazy Brits call their bangs. I suppose it makes more sense, really. I wonder what the origin of “bangs” is? Looks like another google search…

      “The term bangs, always used in the plural, is, as you know the fringe of hair usually cut squarely across the forehead. According to etymology scholar Robert Barnhart, the term is strictly American in origin, first surfacing in 1878. It was believed influenced by the adverbial use of bang in the meaning of abruptly, as in hair cut bang off; some sources offer a relation to earlier bangtailed (1861) of a horse’s tail that has been cut horizontally across.” (thanks, google.)

  3. Nelia Green

    Thanks for sharing your respective views on experiencing POTO25 LIVE at the cinema, and also at the Royal Albert Hall, plus viewing the DVD.

    I just finished listening to the AMAZING & PHANTASTIC POTO25 CD set – three hours of PURE BLISS! Love the applause and audience reaction left in place – the performance is so alive – not at all like a static studio recording. The orchestra, voices, lyrics, and sound effects are all crystal clear – puts you into the moment. In fact I’m already listening for the second time today.

    Before we know it the elusive Region 1 DVD will be in our players around the US. It will be wonderful to attend the performance again and again at the touch of a button. I’m pleased that the DVD version has been edited – should make for a more totally satisfying experience than the raw LIVE performance in cinemas. I had issues with some of the camera work and yellow lighting that washed out some of the players, especially leaving Ramin with little or no contrast in some of the scenes. I was totally thrilled to be there and enjoyed every minute of this once-in-a-lifetime event – twice to be exact.

    Well, The CHANDELIER has blown a fuse and it’s time for INTERMISSION…

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