Mark McCain

I’ve been neglecting things here, what with the holidays and my obsession with The Rifleman.  I’ve been busy over in photoshop making a Christmas video for friends and family, a project that’s replacing my usual paper Christmas card.  I’m also making a couple of videos for Christmas presents.  Last but not least, there might just be a video tribute to The Rifleman and my favorite character, Mark McCain, played by Johnny Crawford.  Here’s a teaser.

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Update:  Here’s my video tribute on YouTube, where it shall remain as long as the copyright demons allow.  Of course, it won’t be very interesting to anyone who isn’t familiar with The Rifleman, or for those who watch the show for the rifle!

Update:  And yet another video, because I had too many good images for just one.


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3 responses to “Mark McCain

  1. Nelia Green

    Will look forward to your finished production.

    On this end, I’m putting together my annual NEW YEARS LETTER which features my suggestions for enjoying some film fare from the past year.

    SOON ….

  2. Well, this is where I stray …my obsession is and always was, HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL ~ sigh, Paladin, the man in black. And many years ago we were guests of the LA sheriff for the annual rodeo at the Rose Bowl stadium and who showed up and sat in the box next to us? Richard Boone in full Paladin costume and hat! What a charming gentleman. He still makes my heart quiver after all these years whenever I watch the series.

    • Now, now, our interests haven’t strayed that far apart! Johnny Crawford was a guest star on Have Gun Will Travel. It’s the one titled The Hanging Cross, and just for you, and because it’s a Christmas episode, I will post images from that episode soon. Of course, I wasn’t paying much attention to Mr Boone when I was making the screencaps!

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