Have Gun Will Travel

After posting about The Rifleman twice this month, I promised one of my loyal subscribers that I’d also do one for Have Gun Will Travel, starring Richard Boone as gunslinger-for-hire Paladin.  It is cheating, since this episode guest stars Johnny Crawford from The Rifleman, and he’s the focus of the screencaps I made.  Still, it’s a interesting Christmas episode called The Hanging Cross, written by Gene Roddenberry, and it’s available on DVD (season 1, disc 3).

Paladin helps a bitter father communicate with his young son who was abducted by Indians years before, and he helps to keep peace between the father and the tribe of Pawnees who consider the boy their own.  All this and Christmas, too!

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5 responses to “Have Gun Will Travel

  1. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to see this ep of Have Gun Will Travel! Apparently I only get Encore Westerns once every six months or so- but I Missed that ep by a week or two but the episode that got me watching Have Gun was…. “24 hours at North Fork” at the end of season 1! 🙂

    Heather 🙂

    • I rented the specific disc from Netflix, and the quality was really good. Do you rent from Netflix, Heather? If not, maybe a friend or neighbor can help you out with this one.

  2. What a wonderful holiday present! Thank you so much for posting this delightful episode ~ and the memories that were happily attached to it. Oddly, a local station here in the Chicago area ran this Have Gun episode on the 24th. Couldn’t have been happier of course. The montage of captures is terrific ~ then again, I tend to be prejudiced.

    Thank you again ~ Theo (Nautilus Salvage Company)

    • I hope you don’t mind me turning Richard Boone into a minor supporting character to Johnny Crawford! I also apologize for misspelling your company name in my original version of this post. I caught my error after the subscriber email was sent.

      How delightful to watch the episode on Christmas Eve, too.

      In 168 episodes, The Rifleman never did a Christmas show. If my list is right, they even aired a new episode on Christmas Day 1961. Mark is kidnapped and held for ransom, but it was without a holiday theme.

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