Credit from Tumblr

It’s no secret that I hate tumblr.  I’ve seen far too many of my images posted there and reblogged without credit.  I also don’t like the poor search engine, the lack of permalinks for finding specific posts, and the fact that you have to register with tumblr to comment on many sites.  It’s too bad, because there’s some great stuff being posted by interesting, talented people.

I just saw this at, and it made me feel pretty darn happy.  I would tell you the exact link to this, but—well, you know.  No permalinks on tumblr.

Credit from tumblr

(click to read larger version)

Thanks, fandom-frenzy!  I’d send you a direct message, but—well, you know.



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5 responses to “Credit from Tumblr

  1. carolyn

    Congrats! You finally get your due and a fan to boost.

  2. I’m delighted to know that you finally got some credit for your impeccable hard work ~ however, would it have been such an exhausting thing for this person to actually click over here and verify your work? The flippant disregard for following through just irks me a tad bit.
    Sorry. I tend to get protective or something … most likely because we’ve had our two websites literally mined for stuff ~ Our steampunk pyrate tag is “Treasure from Your Future Past” … now every other steampunk group or business is doing a variation even though we copyrighted the phrase legally. It hurts and all because people can be so cavalier reposting or stealing other person’s work. If I hear one more person say, “Oh, but this is fandom and we’re all family so what’s the problem?”, I think I’ll scream. Well, our websites aren’t just a fannish interest; they are our business and how we try to survive in this world.
    Sorry to get off-topic there. I AM very pleased that you got acknowledged for YOUR work and hopefully the post will corral a LOT more people here to enjoy your work as much of the rest of us.
    PS: Saw Downton Abbey 2 – wow … you’ll love it.

    Theo Nightingale

    • One of the reasons I blog is to interact with people with similar interests and issues, so it’s fascinating to hear that others are having these problems. Of course, I’m not perfect, and I’ve used images here that I’ve found on google search without proper source credit. Just because I run my images through photoshop to improve them doesn’t actually make them my own! I’m trying to be more careful, and I hope others get the message.

      That fandom family excuse is pretty lame! I think you have a right to scream. And kick, too!

  3. Katelyn

    That’s pretty awesome. At least some people out there are concerned with giving proper credit.

  4. Angie Scholey

    Aw, this is good. Hope it increases your readership, and makes people think twice before taking other people’s hard work without proper acknowledgement.

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