Happy (Belated) Birthday, Sal Mineo

I’ve been under the weather this month, and I managed to overlook Sal Mineo’s birthday on January 1oth.  He would have been 73 this year.  My friend has promised to send me the latest biography on Mineo when she’s finished reading it.  For Christmas, she sent me some of the postcards that came with the book, and here’s my favorite:

Sal Mineo in pool

I may have forgotten his birthday, but I’ll never forget his performances, or the impact he had on me when I first discovered him as a young teen.  Happy Birthday, Sal.



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3 responses to “Happy (Belated) Birthday, Sal Mineo

  1. What a lovely memory ~ many, many years ago, I had the opportunity to meet Sal. He was charming, funny, sweet and quite beautiful. We knew singer Tommy Sands, who was dating Molly Bee at that time, and Tommy was appearing at the Coconut Grove at the Ambassador Hotel in LA. It’s a bit vague how everything happened but the result was that I got drafted to be Sal’s “date” for the evening when a group of Tommy’s friends were going to see Tommy at the Grove. Everyone knew Sal’s preferences but at the time, well, his career would have been marred forever. Sad. Anyhow, we had a great time that evening. He was a lovely person and a gentleman in every way – polite and courtly, friendly and gifted with that beautiful smile and wit to match. We met once more after that, again in Tommy and Molly’s company, at another friend’s house. Sal was just so … nice. I remember how badly I felt when he was killed ~ such a loss of talent and beauty. But I will always hold the sweet memory of our “date” as a special evening. He was, and always will be, special.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your memories. I would have loved meeting Sal, but I “discovered” him about a year after his death. There are still movies he made that I haven’t seen, because they’ve never been released on tape or DVD. I hope they become available in the near future.

      Even as a teen, I wasn’t bothered by Sal’s preferences. When you genuinely like someone, onscreen or off, it just doesn’t make a difference.

  2. Nelia Green

    Stacey – What a lovely remembrance. Sad that so many of our beloved ICONS had to die young in order to achieve immortality. I admired several of Sal’s movie roles very much – and especially remember him as Dove in Exodus (exclusive road show tickets were expensive at $2.50), and, of course, Rebel Without a Cause. EGADS!!! hadn’t realized we were born the same year!

    Ran across another tidbit – Sal was the nude model for ADAM, now in permanent collection at Guggenheim. Take a peek…

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