Kony 2012

Some things are far more important than being entertained.  I just spent 30 minutes watching the Kony 2012 documentary on YouTube.  I’m sharing it here, to help spread the word about an important cause. (This video is better seen on YouTube in a higher resolution.)

This is a powerful film that works on an emotional level.  There are critics of Invisible Children’s support of military intervention who are also hard at work on the internet.  I trust people will look at what both sides are saying and make up their own minds about how best to get involved.



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4 responses to “Kony 2012

  1. Ralph Adette

    The viralness of this is stunning. The rapidity of spread.. The problem of child soldiers has been around for years, with a New York Times Magazine feature article some years ago, but this is unprecedented exposure. Did they direct the campaign at celebrities (thus guaranteeing a huge and varied audience)? Also they spend some time reminding us of the time we spend on social media. More power. Now what do we do concretely?

  2. Ralph Adette

    I mean concretely, to help.

    • It really is amazing how fast this is spreading. The focus of the campaign seems to be keeping the momentum going by making sure this stays in the public eye. Now I’m reading criticism of Invisible Children’s organization and their support for military intervention, and Invisible Children’s response to this criticism. It’s definitely a complex issue! The important thing is to stay informed and make carefully considered choices about what to support.

  3. Katelyn

    This thing is blowing up everywhere, but I think that’s a good thing because it creates interest and hopefully awareness. I’ve know about Invisible Children for years, but I’ve never fully researched their methods or mission. It’s interesting to hear some of the negative connotations associated with the organization. And I fully agree, it’s important that people involved or intrigued are fully informed about what they choose to support.

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