Chuck And Bob Campbell

My post on Creepy Dolls hit a real nerve with several friends.  One of them told me she couldn’t stand ventriloquist’s dummies.  Well, I don’t like them either, but I sure did love Bob Campbell on Soap, which premiered on ABC in 1977.  I sent Jay Johnson (Chuck Campbell) a fan letter during the first season, and I received this wonderful autographed 8×10 photograph.

Jay Johnson won a Tony Award recently, and Bob was inducted into the Smithsonian’s collection of pop culture icons in 2007.  I hope Bob still has his puka shells!

Jay Johnson and Bob Campbell

(click to see larger version)



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2 responses to “Chuck And Bob Campbell

  1. Katelyn

    That’s pretty awesome! I wish I had an autograph from a ventriloquist dummy. Love that Jay signs in cursive, and Bob signs in print.

  2. My interest was with puppet theatre ~ making them, letting them come to life, etc. ~ hand puppets, rods and marionettes. The whole ventriloquist scene is like another planet for me. I adored some of the classics like Edgar Bergen. The dual-signed photo from Jay Johnson is really cool!

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