An Evening with Jane Lynch

Last night I went to see Jane Lynch at the JCCSF (Jewish Community Center of San Francisco).  She was a last minute replacement for Glee executive producer Dante Di Loreto, and nobody was complaining!  The event was held at the Center’s Kanbar Hall, a theatre with 468 seats.  I was lucky enough to have an empty seat in front of me, so I had a great view of the stage.  I know the seat was sold when I bought my ticket, so I feel sorry for the person who couldn’t make it.  Three nights ago, at Napoleon at the Paramount, I told a couple of the gentlemen I met about this event.  The first thing they did when they got home from Napoleon was buy tickets.  I saw them in the auditorium, and they were even more thrilled than I was to meet Jane Lynch and hear her speak.   Lynch is charming and delightful, and yes, very funny unscripted.

After a clip of Lynch was shown from Glee on the screen behind, she was interviewed onstage by David Wiegand.  They mostly discussed the show, and Lynch’s character, Sue Sylvester.  She said the kids don’t ask her for career advice, mostly because they’re too busy working.  She described how hard the young actors work, and how exhausted they are at the end of the day.  She also said she loved that feeling of exhaustion after doing work she clearly loves.  Lynch also talked about the tailored track suits she wears, and how she’s actually never thrown a slushie herself on the show.  Even though they don’t really use ice, the slushies are cold and miserable to be hit with, and the kids have to shower and get hair & makeup redone every time.  Retakes are NOT popular if somebody misses. She likes her scenes with Quinn a lot, and she’s clearly fond of Chris Colfer.  She described how, when the show first began and they all had to have physicals, he confessed that he’d never been to a doctor by himself before.  Lynch loves to sing but isn’t a dancer, so she finds it ironic that she’s done more dancing than singing on Glee.  It sounds like she really enjoyed the Madonna number she got to perform.  Wiegand asked her a few non-Glee questions.  Lynch described how she met her wife here in San Francisco at the Westin Saint Francis Hotel.  She also made several references to her memoir, Happy Accidents, which I now must read.

I’m new to using the video function on my digital camera, but here’s a quick clip.

After the chat onstage, Lynch answered questions from the audience.  Two ladies had portable microphones, and they moved around the auditorium choosing raised hands.  I wanted to ask Lynch about her performance in the play 8 by Dustin Lance Black, which was about Proposition 8 and streamed live on YouTube a couple of weeks ago.  She played Maggie Gallagher, a conservative who vehemently opposes same sex marriage, and I’m curious if she heard of a reaction from Gallagher.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t chosen by the ladies before we ran out of time.  Valuable time was taken up showing three other clips from Glee during the interview.  Most of us who attended watch Glee, so the clips really weren’t necessary.  I wanted to hear Lynch talk more.  I think the clips were prepared for Di Loreto, since none of them were of Sue Sylvester.

After the interview and Q&A, we all went into the atrium where some talented teenagers sang a medley of songs from Cabaret.  Then Lynch signed copies of her memoir and anything else people brought to have autographed.  She also posed for photographs across the table.  The fans were well-mannered, and she was relaxed and friendly.  I had a chance to tell her she was great in 8 and Criminal Minds when she autographed my Entertainment Weekly magazine.  Everybody left satisfied and happy.

Listen to the JCCSF podcast of the interview here.

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5 responses to “An Evening with Jane Lynch

  1. Nelia Green

    Looks like it was a great evening – ‘happy accident’ that Jane, rather than original guest, was featured.

  2. Katelyn

    Looks like a fun time, thanks for sharing! I admit I don’t watch Glee, but I’m a big fan of Jane Lynch. Glad to hear she’s just as delightful as I would imagine.

  3. Rie

    Thank you very much for sharing!! The photos and video are beautiful.
    By the way, how did you know about this event in the first place?
    I didn’t know it til I saw her twittering about it even though I try to catch every Jane’s up coming information!
    I could have flown to San Francisco from Japan!xD

    • Thank you! Her appearance was very last minute, and I only found out because I’m on the email list for events at the JCCSF. I got the email last Friday, so only 3 days before. They did say she’s coming back to San Francisco at the beginning of May to accept an award from the NCLR. You can start planning your trip!

      • Rie

        You are such a lucky person!xD
        And thank you for the information how you found this event and even about the next one!!^^
        Maybe I should sigh up for email lists of every theatre or art center in California, haha.
        It would be super cool if I could meet her in May!!
        Thanks again,

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