Happy Birthday, Chuck Connors

Chuck Connors was born on this day in 1921.  He starred in my favorite TV western, The Rifleman, with Johnny Crawford and Paul Fix.  Connors passed away in 1992, but The Rifleman and the character he created are as popular as ever.  There’s even a reboot of the show in development, but Connors left some awfully big shoes to fill.   For his fans, Chuck Connors will always be the definitive Lucas McCain.

Mark (Johnny Crawford) and Lucas (Chuck Connors) celebrate a McCain birthday.

(click for larger, sharper version)

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5 responses to “Happy Birthday, Chuck Connors

  1. Katelyn

    Happy Birthday Chuck!

  2. duchess_mccain

    I love that picture UB!!! It looks so real. 🙂 May Chuck Connors and Lucas McCain live on forever.

  3. Bob Harlow

    I am sitting here right now watching the Rifleman, went to the computer to catch up on Johnny Crawfords life. Johnny if you ever come east to New Hampshire i would sure love to see you perform. Is there a way to keep me posted on your stops? Thanks again for all the memories of watching the Rifleman sitting on the couch with my grandpa. You and Chuck Connors are the GREATEST.
    Thank You
    Bob Harlow
    New Hampshire

    • Hi, Bob!
      Thanks for dropping by. I am a big fan of The Rifleman and Johnny Crawford, but this site has no affiliation with Mr. Crawford himself. If you are on facebook, you can leave a message for him on his fan page (www.facebook.com/actorjohnnycrawford). This is where he posts his upcoming events and performances. You can also comment on his YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/user/crawfordmusictube) I do know Mr. Crawford will be a guest at this year’s Memphis Film Festival, and he’s performing in the play The Foreigner in Texas this June.

  4. Nelia Green

    Thanks for another C U T E Birthday “cake” card… Sending along wishes for Chuck Connors’ 91st anniversary celebration!

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