Coffee, Tea or Gravy?

Check out this great moment from the second season of the western series Laramie.  In Queen of Diamonds, Slim Sherman (John Smith) has coffee at the Laramie cafe with guest star Julie London.  Instead of a pitcher of cream, the Chinese waiter gives them a gravy boat!  Either the prop staff was off their game that day, or they thought it would be charming for folks in a western town to make do.  Perhaps a rowdy cowboy broke their pitcher?  Or maybe cowboys like a LOT of cream in their coffee.

(It’s always the little things that amuse me…)



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4 responses to “Coffee, Tea or Gravy?

  1. Katelyn

    Maybe they just like gravy in their coffee! That gravy boat is bigger than the coffee cup.

  2. Shay

    If you have the color version of the Laramie episode “Stage Stop” there’s a highly anachronistic Disney-type puppy statuette on the mantel behind Andy in the scene where Bud Carlin lines them up to question them. It’s not very noticeable in the B&W version but sticks out like a sore thumb in color.

    I wonder if the props department just liked to play the occasional joke.

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