Waiting for Grabbers

I’m excited today about the reviews for Grabbers, the little Irish horror film that I first mentioned in my stage door series on Richard Coyle.  The reviews coming from the Edinburgh International Film Festival are as promising as the initial reports from the set in Donegal, back when I first started following this movie.  After Being Human (the original Brit version, of course) and Sherlock, I also have to express my affection for Russell Tovey.  Grabbers sounds awesome, and I’m still waiting for a release date in the US.  Hurry up, film folks!

Ruth Bradley, Richard Coyle, and Russell Tovey in Grabbers

Ruth Bradley, Richard Coyle, and Russell Tovey in Grabbers


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  1. Posted by Katelyn on July 2, 2012 at 10:48 pm

    I’m usually resistant to horror films, but after reading the reviews this one seems pretty interesting. I haven’t seen much of Richard Coyle’s work (except for Coupling, which came from your recommendation), or that of Russell Tovey, but maybe Grabbers will change that. Keep us posted on a release date!


    • I don’t usually enjoy horror films, but I like the humor in Tremors, and I keep hearing that Grabbers is similar. Let’s both keep on the lookout for a release date!


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