Robert Fuller: Extra

I’ve been trying to watch my favorite westerns with actor Robert Fuller.  Netflix keeps skipping over my Laramie and Wagon Train discs,which are “short waits.”  Two months is NOT a short wait!  Anyway, what they’ve been sending are movies in which Fuller appeared as an extra.  You can understand why they’re pretty far down on my queue!  Still, I watch them, enjoy them, find Fuller, and make a collage.  Here’s Calamity Jane (1953) starring Doris Day and Howard Keel.  Fuller doesn’t appear with these leads.  He just has a few brief seconds onscreen giving flowers to actress Adelaid Adams (played by Gale Robbins) and exiting backstage behind her.

Robert Fuller as an extra in Calamiity Jane

Robert Fuller as an extra in Calamiity Jane (click to see larger versions)

Later, Fuller was an extra in Friendly Persuasion (1956), starring Gary Cooper, Dorothy McGuire and Anthony Perkins.  He was chosen to appear with Cooper and (Peter) Mark Richman in the shooting gallery scene because his sideburns were real.  Another actor in this film was John Smith, who would later star with Fuller in Laramie.  Fuller sits right behind Smith in the Quaker meeting scene at the beginning of the film.

Robert Fuller in Friendly Persuasion with Gary Cooper

Robert Fuller in Friendly Persuasion with Gary Cooper (click to view larger)

Still not enough young Fuller?  Check out my latest YouTube videos:  Fuller’s 1958 appearance in Rin Tin Tin, and United States Marshal (1959) with a nasty Charles Bronson.

(If you’re saying to yourself, “Not another Robert Fuller post!” just keep this in mind.  I have about fifty other collages that I haven’t shared!)


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3 responses to “Robert Fuller: Extra

  1. Duchess McCain

    😀 Yay more Fuller! I think it would be hard to get too much of him. And you have to LOVE those sideburns. . .

  2. Shay

    Hmm…he looks awful young in those “Friendly Persuasion” shots!

  3. Joyce

    Share some more !

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