Goodbye, Ernest Borgnine

This morning my friend asked me, any new celebrity deaths?  After Don Grady and Andy Griffith, I guess my friend was wondering who would be next.  How sad to hear that Ernest Borgnine has now passed away.  At age 95, he had a long, productive career and an irrepressible grin.  Here are images from his two guest appearances on the television western Laramie, in Circle of Fire (1959) and Ride The Wild Wind (1960).   Rest in peace, Mr. Borgnine.  I’m sure the angels are grinning back.

Ernest Borgnine in Laramie

Ernest Borgnine in Laramie



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3 responses to “Goodbye, Ernest Borgnine

  1. Katelyn

    Must be the celebrity deaths rule of 3. RIP Ernest Borgnine – he lived a very long life but he will surely be missed.

  2. Nelia Green

    Figured you have something here about Borgnine – he had a good ride, and a very productive career – will be missed. I remember when “Marty” first came out in 1955 it created such a buzz, and set a new standard for modern film realism. Did I say that right?

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