Happy Birthday, Richard Anderson

The Bionic Woman (1976-78) came along when I was the perfect age for a female role model.  I loved the show, loved Lindsay Wagner as Jaime Summers, and just barely tolerated Steve Austin (Lee Majors), who fortunately didn’t pop in too often.  Richard Anderson was kept busy starring as Oscar Goldman in both The Six Million Dollar Man (1974-78) and its spin-off.  I liked him well enough, but I was too young and he was too old to really give him much of my attention.  Well, neither of us have gotten any younger!  Today is Mr. Anderson’s 86th birthday, and I wish him all the best.

I “rediscovered” Richard Anderson last fall, when I watched his six guest appearances on The Rifleman.  He was suave, charming, and usually on the wrong side of the law.  I guess I finally reached the right age to appreciate him.  It’s great that he’s still making public appearances at various reunions, conventions and autograph shows.  He’s still got that charming smile, too!

Richard Anderson appeared with Robert Fuller in Jungle of Fear (1965), part of the Kraft Suspense Theatre anthology series.   I have an abridged version on my YouTube channel in three parts.  Anderson wears a fairly ridiculous costume, but he manages to keep a straight face.

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