Happy Birthday, Colleen Moore

Colleen Moore was born on this day in either 1899 or 1902, depending on whether you believe the official reports or her own autobiography.  I’ve only seen one of her films, Her Wild Oat (1927), but I got to see it on the big screen at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival.  She was a delight.  My favorite actresses are feisty and independent, and she was both.  She had an interesting connection with silent film comedian Buster Keaton—they both broke their necks filming on train tracks.  In different movies, of course!  Her autobiography Silent Star is a favorite of mine, and here are some of the photos from it.  Moore died in 1988, but she is not forgotten, even though many of her film were lost.  Happy Birthday, Ms. Moore!

Her Wild Oat, with director Marshall Neilan.

With popular western actor Tom Mix.

With her Packard.



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5 responses to “Happy Birthday, Colleen Moore

  1. Nelia Green

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLLEEN! It’s almost like she never existed as there’s practically none of Colleen Moore’s 60 some odd films listed on Netflix or in my library system; however, I did find quite a bit available on Youtube.

    I love this scene showcasing her fresh, adorable comedic style.
    Fashion Make-Over for Colleen Moore – IRENE (1926)

  2. Nelia Green

    P.S. My mom and I visited Denver’s May Company Department Store in 1949 to see Colleen Moore’s Dollhouse, which was on tour before being permanently installed at The Museum of Science and Industry. I have never forgotten seeing this fantastic miniature castle, and how that experience led to a lifelong fascination with miniatures, and eventual creation of my own adult dollhouse. When I was in Chicago, a number of years ago, I had the opportunity to tour her famous Fairy Castle again. I also have a copy of her fascinating book: “Colleen Moore’s Doll House” in my library.

    Visit this site for background story and photos of Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle.

  3. For more info on Colleen’s career and childhood (here comes the shameless plug) be sure to check out my book: “Colleen Moore: A Biography of the Silent Film Star” From McFarland. http://www.mcfarlandpub.com/book-2.php?id=978-0-7864-4969-9

    • Hey, authors and shameless plugs are welcome here! I saw you and your book at the SF Silent Film Festival this year, but I didn’t come up to talk to you. Now I wish I had. The fellow who was standing behind me in the movie line that day met Moore and King Vidor when they were appearing together at an event. He had them autograph that famous deep snow photo taken in Truckee. I was so envious!

  4. I’m around, might have a signing at the Niles film museum sometime soon… gotta work out details.

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