Best Tweets: February 2018

February was a hard month. The Parkland school shooting and the unrelenting bizarre news from the White House made my twitter feed more serious than usual. I’m now following some of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas student activists, as well as the US Olympic figure skaters and a few more authors. I’m still relying on Swear Trek for laughs, which gives this post a PG rating. These begin after the “continue reading” link.

Note: several of these are screen captures instead of links to the tweets, to make them easier to read.

This thread:



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2 responses to “Best Tweets: February 2018

  1. Katelyn

    Yay, I love the best tweets posts! You found some good ones considering Twitter has been a mess lately. I think the kid feeding the bird GIF and Adam Rippon’s quad one were my favorite. The Lin-Manuel Miranda photo is just adorable.

    • I worry I’ll miss a good one if I don’t read every single thing in my feed. I love Gus Kenworthy’s tweet and pretty much anything else with Adam Rippon!

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