Best Tweets: March 2018

March started out strong, with lots of great tweets. Then I began a huge project for my San Diego Junior Theatre reunion this summer, and I mostly disappeared from twitter. It was a nice break from negativity and bad news.

A few of these are screen captures instead of links, to make them easier to read. Sometimes I don’t see tweets until they’ve been retweeted by others, so the first of these are dated the end of February.


My stint as a tour guide at Sea World in the ’80s makes this especially funny:

The joys of Daylight Savings Time:

And a favorite April Fool, because it shouldn’t wait:

Happy Easter!


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2 responses to “Best Tweets: March 2018

  1. Hey, I’m on the list – thanks! You know I love these monthly tweets. Does it get any better than John Cleese correcting someone’s grammar? And I literally laughed at loud at the “Live from the White House” one with the Titanic photo.

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