Families Belong Together March, San Francisco

Today was the Families Belong Together March and Rally in San Francisco. I missed the beginning, which started at Dolores Park. I joined in on Market Street. At the front of the march, Joan Baez marched behind a large banner. At City Hall, she was one of the first to speak at the rally, and she also sang We Shall Not Be Moved in English and Spanish. I made a sign with Mr. Rogers on it, because he was always kind to children. I met two different women with “What would Mr. Rogers do?” on their signs. Civic Center wasn’t as crowded as the first Women’s March, but it was a good turnout. I met interesting people and lots of great dogs.

I talked to a nice guy from KQED, and he included a photo of my sign here:
A video of Joan Baez at the rally:


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2 responses to “Families Belong Together March, San Francisco

  1. I’m proud of you Stacey! I 100% agree on everything you are protesting about. I hate that I live in a far right-wing red state where things like this don’t happen. I feel all alone and surrounded by Nazis. I SO belong in a place like San Francisco or Portland. The current US government administration and all of their henchmen from the Top on down are monsters. No heart, no soul, NO conscience. It is making me physically ill and filled with a PTSD kind of anger. The future looks and feels hopeless – but I HOPE I am wrong!
    That looked like a beautiful, positive event. 🙂

    • Hang in there, Mike, I know it’s tough. I keep reading how so many caring Americans are getting worn down by the endless cruelty and habitual corruption of this administration. Lots of folks were probably traveling this weekend, so I’m hoping that’s why we had fewer numbers at this march, and that it’s not resistance fatigue.

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