about this bug

Thank you to Rob, Kathy & John for all the bug photos!

You’re in the wrong place if you’re looking for a blog about entomology!  If you’re looking for the singles dating site, that’s theuglybugball.com.  (I was here first.)

The song “The Ugly Bug Ball” is from the Disney movie Summer Magic with Hayley Mills. I had just been listening to my collection of Disney songs when I started this blog. It was really difficult finding a WordPress name that hadn’t already been taken. I choose The Ugly Bug Ball because it wouldn’t tie me down to any one particular subject or theme. Frankly, I had no idea where I was headed at the beginning, and the direction keeps changing!

I live in San Francisco, but I left my heart in England and Ireland after many visits there—as a tourist, a volunteer, and a disastrous six weeks as an au pair. Dennis Severs, my uncle, was a rather famous London eccentric whose house at 18 Folgate Street in Spitalfields is now a private museum. His influence on me was profound, and I miss him every day.

The arts are my passion, and my biggest sorrow is my complete lack of musical ability. I love movies, books, television, theatre, and photography. I hate pretentiousness, Brussels sprouts, hidden calories, control freaks, plot spoilers, and cell phones.

Subscribers are most welcome and appreciated. I follow my whims, so I can’t promise that everything that entertains me will entertain you.

Please leave a comment. I’d like to know who you are, how you found me, and what you think! Updates, corrections and more information about what I discuss are always welcome. Remember, I hate spoilers, so please avoid them!

If you want to contact me privately, my email is uglybug24@gmail.com.

You can follow me at www.twitter.com/TheUglyBugBall. I mostly use twitter to follow my favorite artists and performers. I promise I’ll never mention going to the gym. That’s because I never go to the gym. I also have a few videos at my YouTube channel. (There used to be many more.)

An important note about the images on this blog:  The images here are from many sources. I try my best to credit them properly. While some are from around the internet, many are my own. I spend hours in photoshop enhancing my photographs. Unfortunately, many of my screencaps and collages have been posted elsewhere without my permission and without proper credit. Please don’t copy and paste the images you find here on other sites. (Having said that, I wish I could properly credit the above bird photo, because it’s brilliant!)

7 responses to “about this bug

  1. Check my blog tomorrow (Nov. 16) . In part two, I link to this piece.

  2. Crystal

    Keep blogging! Its brilliant…love the stuff you did on Ramin and Hadley! 🙂

  3. You are an incredible photographer!! Love the pictures of Co. Mayo. I live in Calif., but partner lives in Co. Mayo. Love the area and your pictures! Keep them coming!

  4. Tanya

    Heya this is Tanya from your pictures of me and my sister Chloe great to see photos from the old days and reading what you had to say so nice to have ☺️

  5. Sylvia Wallace

    In the last few months, I reconnected with LARAMIE because some DISH network started running season one. I couldn’t believe it. Here was Jess Harper after all these years. Then I did an internet search and found your Ugly Bug videos and the others and I was so happy to see them! Thank you! You do a great job!

    • Aww, thanks! Laramie is the best, and the versions they’re showing on GRIT TV and Encore Westerns are so much better than the Timeless DVDs. Don’t buy the color seasons 3 & 4 on DVD, since they were made from old degraded videotapes from a fan, and they don’t compare to the quality of what we’re seeing broadcast now. That’s why I don’t use much from the color episodes in my videos. I’m working on getting copies of the broadcast versions to work with. Robert Fuller still makes public appearances at festivals around the US, and he’s got three of them coming up this year. Bobby Crawford comes out to meet fans occasionally as well. I’ve met them both, and they’re great!

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