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All Thumbs

This post is gonna be weird.  You’ve been warned.  

I notice things.  Little things.  Like how the bandage and wound on Colin Firth’s forehead in A Single Man kept changing size and position.  It drove me nuts.  Anyway, I watch hands, too.  Three people I like have interesting thumbs.  Here they are: 

Anderson Cooper: If you look at Cooper’s hands, you’ll see he’s got really long, skinny thumbs. I think it’s because his palm isn’t very fleshy. I couldn’t find a very good photo, but here’s a  couple 0f fuzzy ones.  They really don’t do his thumbs justice. 

Anderson Cooper's thumb

This reminds me, I once met a girl at a party who was born without thumbs.  Doctors moved one of her other fingers to the thumb position on each hand.  She was really cool about it and didn’t seem to mind telling me about the procedure.  Fascinating. 

The best photo I could find of Jackson's thumbs.

Jonathan Jackson:  He has hyperextended thumbs, also known as hitchhiker’s thumb.  Here’s a link to an excellent photo of what this looks like.  (Not a photo of Jackson’s thumb, but another guitar player.)  I have one of these myself, on my right hand. You have to be really careful when you have this kind of thumb.  A couple of times, years ago, I pressed down too hard on a stapler, and my thumb bent back so far at the joint that it touched the back of my hand.  Yeah, it was really painful, and I could feel the muscles and tendons stretch all the way up my forearm. 

My moderate hitchhiker's thumb.

Hrithik Roshan:  In India, extra fingers are considered lucky, so usually they aren’t removed.  Roshan is one of Bollywood’s biggest stars.  He’s got a double thumb.  In his early film roles he attempted to hide it, but now he’s quite willing to show it off. 

Hrithik Roshan's double thumb

So, today’s motto is THUMBS UP! 


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Summer Heat

While most of the US is roasting in triple digits, good old San Francisco is cool and overcast.  My google toolbar says it’s 55 degrees (fahrenheit) at the moment.  We may get swallowed up by an earthquake at any moment, but I’m still grateful to be here!  Still, I don’t mind a little summer warmth, so here is my first annual list of Guys Who Are Heating Up Summer 2010 (in no particular order).

Alex O'Loughlin barechested

Alex O'Loughlin

Alex O’Loughlin:  I love this Australian actor, and I sure hope his third CBS series will stick around.  The reboot of Hawaii Five-0 begins in fall, and the trailers look promising.  This summer, both his cancelled CBS series have been airing, Moonlight (vampire in LA) and Three Rivers (transplant hospital).  I’d watch this guy in old reruns over stupid reality shows any day.  I didn’t see The Back-Up Plan in the theatres, so I’m waiting for the DVD release on August 24th. 

Matthew Goode:  Today A Single Man was released on DVD, and I was at the redbox at 8:20am to rent my copy.  I will be happily watching it tonight, as a reward for a full day of errands.  It’s awfully tough sitting here and not watching it right-this-very-minute.  I know Goode’s role in the film is small, but I just love him and Colin Firth (who probably deserves his own place on this list!), and I understand from friends that I will adore Nicholas Hoult after seeing this movie.

Zac Efron:  This cutie’s movie, Charlie St Cloud, opens at the end of this month.  Efron looks great in the trailers.  I read the book this film is based on, and it’s sweet and predictable and unchallenging, so the movie should allow me to sit back and enjoy the sights. 

Taylor Lautner:  See my last post for my impressions of Eclipse, but Lautner is the reason I bothered to see the movie, and he didn’t disappoint. 

Jonathan Jackson:  Not a lot is happening with his character, Lucky Spencer, on ABC’s General Hospital, but that gives me a chance to catch up on his character’s background.  As I said in a recent post, I just started watching GH and listening to Jackson’s band.  I’m responding to his GH character’s sensitivity, not to mention his delicate good looks.

 Joseph Gordon-LevittInception is opening soon, and I’m delighted to see this guy in a big film.  Well, I’m delighted to see him anywhere.  I’m a little worried about his haircut in Inception, but I know I can count on his performance being excellent.  He has never disappointed me. 

Russell Brand:  I’ve read My Booky Wook, and I love Brand’s unique way with language.  He cracks me up, too.  This is a guy who doesn’t have many filters, and he’s excellent at pushing boundaries too far.  I’m watching him with fascination wondering when he’s going to alienate everyone.  He reminds me of Pee Wee Herman, a twisted character created for a certain adult audience who became a mainstream hit, was given a real children’s show (which I never understood!) and then…well, you know the rest.  I’m not saying I want Russell Brand to blow it, I’m just not sure he can resist it.

So, who’s on your list?

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Matthew Goode Has A Big Mouth

It takes me a while to notice some actors.  Then when I do sit up and take a good look, I wonder what took me so long and how could I be so blind.  This is the case with British actor Matthew Goode.  I’d seen The Lookout and My Family and Other Animals, but he failed to make an impression.  Then, last week I watched Masterpiece Contemporary, which he hosts.  Wow.  He really cleans up nicely!  How did I miss those eyes and that deep, resonant voice?

I’ve been busy catching up, watching his movies and TV work, visiting his fansite, watching his youtube videos.  All the normal obsessive stuff.  This guy is as interesting as the characters he plays.  He’s intelligent, funny, charming, and he gives a good interview…as long as there aren’t any kids around.  Or censors.  Goode is a loose cannon, and he’s been getting into some trouble over his candor.  He told a reporter that his movie Leap Year was “turgid” (yeah, I had to get out the dictionary.  It means overblown and bombastic.)  so he had to makes some quick apologies.  John Preston described it best in The Telegraph:

“In fact, there’s something Tiggerish about him, not only in the jangle-limbed way he moves – he’s 6ft 2in – but also in the way he is utterly confident in his ability to win people over, no matter what he says. Every so often, he claps his hand to his mouth and says: ‘Oh God!’ as if he can’t help himself. Yet at 31 he’s old enough, and bright enough, to know exactly what he’s doing. Partly he’s shooting his mouth off because he believes he has every right to and partly because he thinks he can get away with it. It’s a test of his charm, something of which he has considerable reserves.” (read full article here)

So, I’m intrigued but also worried.  I really feel this guy has reached his Tipping Point–he’s about to be  big.  But has he blown it?  When I go to imdb.com to look up his upcoming projects…there aren’t any.  Are producers unwilling to take a chance on him?  If he’s not in pre-production for anything, it could be more than a year before we see him again.  Sure, he could do some stage work, but my days of flying over to New York and London to see a show are long past.  The only thing I’ve found regarding his future is that he recently auditioned for Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit.  (yeah, he’s mocked his physical drawbacks, too.)  

Well, Leap Year comes out on DVD on May 4 and A Single Man will be be released on July 6.   I will be waiting and keeping my fingers crossed.  And watching for upcoming Masterpiece Contemporary broadcasts for my Matthew Goode fix.

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