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San Francisco Halloween 2012

Every year, I take my camera to the Halloween block party off Central Avenue on Grove.  This year, I got there before the light left and the rain began.  What a great bunch of kiddies and doggies this year!  My thanks to the parents and dog owners who do such a great job with the costumes.

(Click on any photo to scroll through larger versions.)


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Halloween in San Francisco 2011

Here are some treats from the annual Grove Street Halloween Fair in San Francisco’s NOPA (North of the Panhandle).  I can’t resist dogs and babies!

lobster chefs

baby chef

Levi the Lion

great dane

doggy in hat

flower petal baby



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Up Periscope

This great dane was enjoying a drive around San Francisco in a SUV.  I’ve never seen a better use for a sunroof!

Great Dane in Sunroof


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