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A Robert Fuller Banner

I’m still a member of Robert Fuller’s official fan group, even though I’m busy with other interests these days. A recent contest to create a new banner for the Fandom Facebook page presented a fun challenge. I got to use some newly-learned Photoshop tools, and I teamed up with my friend Jan. She provided some photos and some lively debate. We submitted several banners, none of which were chosen. That’s okay, because I get to share the best one here. A big thank you to my friend Pam for allowing me to use her recent photo of Fuller.

The biggest challenge was finding the best color photos with the different heads at just the right angle, and I wasn’t completely successful. At least one important role is not represented—I didn’t realize before that Fuller never once takes his hat off in Return of the Magnificent Seven, and the brim is almost always cut off at the top. The ears in the center photos of the banner were also a problem, and the end result is not as satisfying as I’d hoped.

Today is Robert Fuller’s 84th birthday, and he’s still going strong! Wishing him a happy birthday, with many more to come.

(l to r) Wagon Train, Emergency, Wagon Train again, Incident at Phantom Hill, Laramie, The Hard Ride, and Fuller now



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Seventies Gold

I’ve been watching the first season of Emergency! on Hulu.com, the television drama that aired from 1972-1978.  I grew up watching this show on Saturday nights, but all I really remembered was the paramedics acting goofy when off-duty.  I’d forgotten how compelling the rescue stories are, so I’m having a good time revisiting this series.

It’s amusing (and painful) seeing the horrible seventies clothing, hair and decor once again.  I’m especially impressed by Nurse Dixie’s apartment, shown here in season 1, episode 5: Dealer’s Wild.  My father loved the color gold, so I had to endure a lot of it growing up.  Nothing like this, though!  Check out the great outfits, too.  Ah, the seventies.  Fun to visit, but I’d never want to go back…

Robert Fuller (Dr. Kelly Brackett) and Julie London (Nurse Dixie) on Emergency! 1972

Robert Fuller (Dr. Kelly Brackett) and Julie London (Nurse Dixie) on Emergency! (1972)

Robert Fuller (Dr. Kelly Brackett) and Julie London (Nurse Dixie) on Emergency! 1972

“Sometimes it feels like I’m just playing a doctor on TV.”

Robert Fuller (Dr. Kelly Brackett) on Emergency! 1972

Brown, blue and black…with stripes.


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