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I’m Back!

After a 3+ year break, I’ve decided to start posting again.


The same reason I started this blog in 2010. Instead of driving friends crazy with my obsessions, I can share them here and find other fans with the same interests. Even when I’m the only one here, the blog keeps me open and searching for new things to post.

Why did I stop?

When I first began this site, I was doing lots of writing, which doesn’t come easy. I got better at it, but it’s less effort to play in Photoshop—enhancing screen captures, making memes, restoring old photos, etc. Unfortunately, when you share those online, you end up providing free content for Pinterest and Tumblr, not to mention the folks who think “google search” is some kind of a public domain free-for-all. (“I didn’t steal your photo. I got it on google!”) I also learned to edit videos, which sucked up all my free time. Finally, I became too singularly focused on one actor who already had websites devoted to him, so he didn’t need another one.

And now?

I’m trying to keep the focus wide. No more singular obsessions! (Until the next one.) I also want to focus more on local entertainment. I’ve missed some great stuff here in San Francisco, just because I was too busy moaning about where I’m not. The plan is to write more, Photoshop less, and watermark everything!

What’s new?

These days, I’m watching four different foreign soaps: EastEnders from the UK, Neighbours and Home and Away from Australia, and Shortland Street from New Zealand. That’s 19 episodes each week, but thankfully they’re only 20-30 minutes long. I love A Place To Call Home, The Doctor Blake Mysteries, Janet King, Please Like Me, and Jack Irish (all Australian TV series). I’m also watching Poldark, Victoria, Outlander, Quarry, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Chicago Med, Code Black, Lucifer, and Mercy Street.

I’ve added some new actors to my “favorites watch list,” and they include Marta Dusseldorp, Anna McGahan, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Aaron Tveit, Jesse Lee Soffer, Christian Kane, Michael Fassbender, George MacKay, Ben Schnetzer, Nick Robinson, Alden Ehrenreich, and Matthew James Thomas.

I recently got a 7″ Kindle Fire, so that’s been a small revolution. Before now I resisted touch screens, tablets, and electronic readers. I’ve played a few games on the Kindle, watched a few videos, sampled all the features, and hey, I’m even reading books.

So, I’m finding my way around the blog again, trying to learn all the changes that WordPress has made to the platform since 2013. Let’s see how this goes.

One more thing.

If you’re a subscriber and you’ve forgotten why you’re getting this in your inbox, well, who can blame you?! If what entertains me now no longer entertains you, don’t feel bad about unsubscribing. Otherwise, thanks for sticking around, and be sure to let me know what’s new with you. We have a lot of catching up to do!



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All Thumbs

This post is gonna be weird.  You’ve been warned.  

I notice things.  Little things.  Like how the bandage and wound on Colin Firth’s forehead in A Single Man kept changing size and position.  It drove me nuts.  Anyway, I watch hands, too.  Three people I like have interesting thumbs.  Here they are: 

Anderson Cooper: If you look at Cooper’s hands, you’ll see he’s got really long, skinny thumbs. I think it’s because his palm isn’t very fleshy. I couldn’t find a very good photo, but here’s a  couple 0f fuzzy ones.  They really don’t do his thumbs justice. 

Anderson Cooper's thumb

This reminds me, I once met a girl at a party who was born without thumbs.  Doctors moved one of her other fingers to the thumb position on each hand.  She was really cool about it and didn’t seem to mind telling me about the procedure.  Fascinating. 

The best photo I could find of Jackson's thumbs.

Jonathan Jackson:  He has hyperextended thumbs, also known as hitchhiker’s thumb.  Here’s a link to an excellent photo of what this looks like.  (Not a photo of Jackson’s thumb, but another guitar player.)  I have one of these myself, on my right hand. You have to be really careful when you have this kind of thumb.  A couple of times, years ago, I pressed down too hard on a stapler, and my thumb bent back so far at the joint that it touched the back of my hand.  Yeah, it was really painful, and I could feel the muscles and tendons stretch all the way up my forearm. 

My moderate hitchhiker's thumb.

Hrithik Roshan:  In India, extra fingers are considered lucky, so usually they aren’t removed.  Roshan is one of Bollywood’s biggest stars.  He’s got a double thumb.  In his early film roles he attempted to hide it, but now he’s quite willing to show it off. 

Hrithik Roshan's double thumb

So, today’s motto is THUMBS UP! 


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