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An Aztec Prayer

Aztec Prayer with Connemara Horses

(These horses were near Clifden in Galway, Ireland.)

Tanya and Chloe

During a trip to Dublin in 1997, I was shooting black & white film around the city.  On the opposite side of the River Liffey, I saw a dramatic black column of smoke.  I decided to go to see what was burning.  Following the smoke took me to a part of the city I normally wouldn’t visit.  It was down Queen Street, and I got right to the fire.  After I took some photos of the blaze, I noticed the locals who were watching around me.  There was a whole gang of kids who hammed it up when I turned my camera on them.  They dragged me to the flats across the street where they lived.  I was particularly charmed by a little girl named Tanya, who stole my heart.  Her little face had flecks of soot from the fire, and she put it right up to the camera.  Her little sister Chloe was also adorable.  I didn’t learn the names of the other children.

Fire from the River Liffey

Fire from the River Liffey

The kids on Queen Street

Chloe and Tanya are on the left

Chloe, Tanya and friend

Chloe, Tanya and another little charmer

Two years later, I returned to Dublin.  I was eager to visit my kids to see how they’d grown.  Tanya had lost her some of her confidence, and she ran away when I tried to get close-ups of her.  She was still cheeky, though, and she’s sticking her tongue out in most of my photos.  Chloe was older and even cuter.  The kids were jumping on an old mattress outside, and the boys lifted it up and accidentally dropped it on Chloe.  She was okay, just a bump on the forehead, but I think my heart stopped when she disappeared under the mattress.

Tanya is the one sticking out her tongue

Tanya is the one sticking out her tongue (r)



About two years later, I went back again.  The boys were a lot rowdier and tougher, and a boy I’d never seen before tried to run off with my camera bag.  One of the girls grabbed it back.  After I took a few shots, several of the girls escorted me back down Queen Street to the river.  They were obviously worried about me!  That was my last trip to Dublin.  The google street view of Dublin shows me that Smithfield Market, a shopping center, has now replaced the flats.  I wouldn’t find the kids there if I went back.

Queen Street kids, getting bigger and tougher

Queen Street kids, getting bigger and tougher

Tanya and Chloe

Tanya and Chloe, growing up fast

Happy Easter 2011

Near Gortin, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Easton Farm Park, Suffolk, England
Flatford, Suffolk, England
Flatford, Suffolk, England
Minsmere RSPB Reserve, Suffolk, England
Minsmere RSPB Reserve, Suffolk, England

Today is Easter.  I’m long past the age when Easter automatically brings to mind bunnies and baskets of candy.  Still, after a week inside inhaling incense and listening to gorgeous choir music at St Agnes, it’s kind of nice to go outside for a bit of nature.  Even if it’s just in a photograph.

17 Mar

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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Here are more of my favorite photos of Ireland to commemorate the day!

The Sky Road near Clifden, Co. Galway

Clifden, Connemara, County Galway

Size Matters bar coaster

4 Mar

Roadside Encounters in West Ireland

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St Patrick’s Day is coming up, so it’s a good excuse to post more of my Ireland photos.  Here are some fellows in Galway and Donegal, taken from my car window.

Connemara, near one of the many loughs

Connemara, Co. Galway

Along the roadside in Donegal

12 Feb

The Patriots Inn, Kilmainham, Dublin

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On the last day of my first trip to Ireland, in October 1995, I missed the ferry in Dublin and had to wait until the evening one.  I used the day to visit historic Kilmainham Gaol, and then I dragged my suitcase and my weary self into the nearest pub.   It was called The Patriots Inn.  I had already plunked down before I took a good look around.  I was the only female in the place.  I was on the bar side instead of the lounge, where women usually have their drinks.  The adorable old fellows made me feel welcome, once they got over their surprise.   I got out my camera, and that’s when the fun began.  Here are my favorites:

Yeah, that's a bar coaster on his forehead.

(Click on photos to see large and even larger versions.)

5 Feb

Feeling Sheepish

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Sheep grazing rocky Connemara, copyright M.S. Shaffer 1995

Sheep grazing rocky Connemara

Connemara sheep, copyright M.S. Shaffer 1995

Connemara, County Galway

roadside sheep, Wicklow, copyright M.S. Shaffer 1995

County Wicklow, Ireland

I love to photograph sheep!  These are some characters I encountered in Ireland.  All images ©copyright M.S. Shaffer, 1995.

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