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Photoshop: Before and After

I’m always mentioning what I do in photoshop.  It’s time for a little demonstration.  Here are some before and after versions.  I don’t usually save the originals once I’ve done corrections, so putting this together was a challenge!  I use version 7, which is old but effective.  How these look on your computer will depend on your screen and how it is balanced, but hopefully the “afters” will be much improved.

Here’s an example of cropping and improving contrast:

Hadley Fraser and cast in The Phantom of the Opera

Hadley Fraser and cast in The Phantom of the Opera

No matter how good a movie looks on DVD, the stills can always be better.  The original here was a few seconds before the one I used in my post for A Little Princess:

Liam Cunningham in A Little Princess

Liam Cunningham as Prince Rama in A Little Princess

I enjoy working with images from The Rifleman, because there’s no worry about color balancing.  It’s fun to restore the contrast, but I have to be careful not to wash out the lighter parts.  It’s also fun to remove unwanted elements using my favorite tool, the clone stamp:

Johnny Crawford in The Rifleman (The Pet, season 1)

Johnny Crawford in The Rifleman (The Pet, season 1)

Old family photos fade.  With my Epson scanner, I can scan them and restore the color and contrast quite a bit:

Christmas Party, 1970

Christmas Party, 1970 (I'm on the far right in red)

I’m certainly no expert at photoshop, but I have a great time learning new tools and techniques.  As I learn, I’m tempted to go back and fix the images in older posts, especially since getting a new laptop with a different screen.  I just have to resist the urge!


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A Little Princess

Writing about this 1995 film for Armistice Day, I had to watch it again.  Somehow it gets better and better.  Here are some images that are a tribute to cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, art director Tom Duffield, production designer Bo Welch, set decorator Cheryl Carasik, costume designer Judianna Makovsky, and director Alfonso Cuarón.  Forgive me for not mentioning all the other folks on the crew who work to make a film look this wonderful.  I do have to give a special shout-out to the lighting team and the animal handlers.  Of course, I also love the talented cast.

A Little Princess uses the colors white, cream and orange for India.  New York and the school are shades of green.  Lots and lots of green.  According to the cinematographer in the DVD extras, green is the only color in the spectrum that can be lit with either warm or cool tones.  I did not know this!

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No copyright infringement intended.  This tribute is to encourage my readers to see the film!


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